Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

It wasn’t until freshman year, when I spent countless hours each week walking all around campus, that I discovered podcasts. After the first few months of listening to the same Spotify playlist over and over, I got super restless and annoyed. And then I discovered Serial, arguably the “gateway” to podcasts. Which, based on my experience, totally is. Because now I am ridiculously obsessed with podcasts – so much so that I feel the need to tell everyone in the world about it. If you’re new to podcasts, or looking around for a new show to listen to, take a look at some of my recommendations. Hopefully you’ll find your new obsession!True Crime

Listening to Serial launched my obsession with true crime. I couldn’t get enough of the compelling story of Adnan Syed — if you haven’t listened to it yet, you absolutely need to. Even if you aren’t big on true crime, the story is more about the criminal justice system than anything else. It will drive you crazy in the best way. If you loved Serial, or know you’re interested in true crime, you should try Criminal, Sword and Scale, and my favorite podcast of all time, My Favorite Murder. Criminal looks into crime on a broader scale, while Sword and Scale is perfect for those who are really into true crime. Beware though — Sword and Scale can get pretty intense. But for anyone who wants something in the middle of the two, My Favorite Murder is for you. Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff are absolutely hilarious as they recount both famous and lesser-known murder cases. It is the perfect introduction to true crime, and even podcasts in general.


If you’re like me, reading the news every day doesn’t seem to work out. I need someone to explain what’s going on in a more casual conversation, which is why I love listening to certain political podcasts. Pod Save America and Pod Save the World are two shows by Crooked Media that discuss the new presidency and its implications on foreign policy, respectively. The Daily is hosted by the New York Times and is updated daily. The hosts discuss current news and happenings in the United States.


If you’re looking for a portable talk show, and especially one that will make you laugh like crazy, there are countless podcasts options for you. Some great shows to start with are Guys we F****d, Two Dope Queens, and Call Your Girlfriend. Not only are these three shows incredibly hilarious, but they are also hosted by sets of powerful and witty women. If you’re also interested in true crime, Last Podcast on the Left is a hilarious take on intriguing stories. It’s a great companion to My Favorite Murder while also taking a much more in-depth look at true crime.

Business and Technology

Gimlet Media hosts two podcasts that everyone should listen to: Start Up and Reply All. I love these shows so much — other than Serial, these two really launched me into the world of podcasts. Start Up follows the start of Gimlet Media in season one, and the rise and fall of a match-making services in season two. Reply All focuses on the impact of the internet and technology on society and brings some incredible stories to its listeners. For those more interested in business, How I Built This spends each episode diving into the creation of some of today’s most popular businesses, like AirBnb and Lyft. You’ll learn so many things you never considered about your favorite companies. I binged the first six episodes in two days, it’s that good.

Podcasts are the best way to explore your interests while maintaining a crazy busy schedule — it’s how I discovered my obsession with true crime and my fascination with technology and start-ups. I highly recommend you explore any of these titles, as I can guarantee you’ll also become addicted to them. Happy listening!


Photos courtesy of cloudfront.com, and feralaudio.com.