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Detroit, run by its automotive companies and people working at the assembly lines, has become renowned as the manufacturing capital of the field. However, what most people do not know is that there is a new company on the block working to revamp the midwestern city’s manufacturing philosophy specifically through the garment industry. The company? GETTEES.

(Image courtesy of RaeAnne Woodman) 

In 2014, Michigan State graduate Mathew Hunt had an idea to create a brand that would improve the garment industry while sparking consumer interest with its simple, yet classic product designs. Through his studies, Hunt became increasingly interested in clothing and the lack of progress toward innovation within the realm. It was from this passion that GETTEES was born.

(Matthew Hunt // Courtesy Emily Dahuron) 

The goal of GETTEES is to educate the market about production within the industry by providing transparency about their process and bring people closer to their product. With the tagline “For the People, By the People,” GETTEES recognizes that it is not only the quality of your clothes but the quality of where your clothes come from and the purpose behind their creation. This led to the establishment of their factory right here in Michigan.

The company was inspired by the idea of having a product line entirely manufactured in the state. This not only creates jobs in our community but cuts down the cost of producing a high-quality product, thus making the sustainable item more affordable. By operating their own factory, the team at GETTEES is able to eliminate the costs of international trade and shipping, investing, instead, in premium material. Additionally, they have complete control of the production process and the ability to provide hands-on training to their tailors. Through the “local” aspect of their company, consumers know that their clothes are being cut, sewn, labeled, printed, pre-washed, quality-checked, packaged, and shipped “by the people, for the people.”

(The factory // via gettees.us)

Focusing on some of the core values of GETTEES, revitalizing American manufacturing and investing in the people are two of the most prominent. By carrying on the rich tradition of manufacturing in Detroit, GETTEES invests in their employees just as much as they do their customers. They also invest in the world at large by targeting ethical practices to change the fashion industry from the inside out through innovative process to produce clothes.  


GETTEES currently specializes in t-shirts and sweatshirts made with the same material as many Hugo Boss shirts for a fraction of the price! These products are guaranteed to fit into any closet: with both men’s and women’s lines, the products would be the perfect gift for any holiday or “treat-yourself” moment that you need.

(Image courtesy of Edna Jordan)

The heavy-weight crew is the perfect shirt to start your very own GETTEES collection. The classic crewneck t-shirt comes in 11 colors for men and 16 for women and they fit perfectly in every aspect. The women’s piece has a small silhouette with a curved bottom while the men’s fit just like your basic t-shirt. In addition to the heavy-weight crew, they have 4 other women’s styles and 5 for men including a long sleeve.

(Heavyweight crew // via gettees.us)

Crewnecks come next in the GETTEES product line. For both men and women, they have the district crew and the campus crew. The latter fits like a long sleeve shirt with a suede finish and can be styled with any other piece of clothing. Many people choose to wear this product over other shirts or under a jean jacket/the perfect vest. Instead of having a curved bottom hem, the district crew is gathered at the bottom and has ribbed paneling along the side. This crew can be worn with the perfect pair of jeans and boots to make your fall outfit look the best yet.

(district crew // via gettees.us)

Finally, we have the district hoodie. This is the GETTEES only sweatshirt with a hood and it could not be more perfect or comfortable. Made with their very own Flex-Terry fabric this sweatshirt has a suede-finish and ribbed sides, very similar to the district crew. The added hood allows you to stay warm on a chilly day or close in while studying in your favorite spot.

(District hoodie//via gettees.us)


One way that GETTEES is trying to spread the word about their company is through campus ambassadors. Here, on the University of Michigan campus, Edna Jordan is their representative. Jordan is a senior, majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Spanish Language and Literature. Her goal is to promote sustainability in the fashion industry that GETTEES strives for while also showing off their products in the best light. Each Friday Jordan posts a weekly giveaway of GETTEES products on her Instagram; she calls these “For the People Fridays.” To enter and follow along, follow her Instagram @officialednamarie !

(Images courtesy of Edna Jordan) 

To learn more about the company go to gettees.us or follow on Instagram @gettees.us For 10% your order use code WOLVERINES-EJ or WOLVERINES-MS.

A Michigan native, Madeline started writing for Her Campus in 2019. Currently a senior at the University of Michigan majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Spanish Language and Literature and is currently applying for physical therapy school. Aside from Her Campus, Madeline used to row for the University of Michigan Women's Rowing team, attends every sporting event she can (especially Football and Hockey), and loves spending time outside.
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