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Outfit of the Day Inspiration: 03/07/2012

WEDNESDAY: Hint of Spring!
 Portland weather is always sporadic but let’s face it, it’s been worse than usual lately.  Between the random snow flurry and high winds, everyone is more than ready for spring to finally arrive for good.  Channel some of the cheer and warmth of this fast approaching season (March 20th!) by integrating some sunny color into your outfit now!

Outfit #1: Peek of Print
 Remember that lovely bright summer top you still have at school just in case?  You can totally incorporate it into your wardrobe now by working around a more basic winter look.  Starting with black skinnies or dark jeggings, pair them with your sunniest tube or halter top, preferably in a loud, fun pattern.  Slip a longer cardigan over, in a color from the top to tie it together.  A large bag is reminiscent of a beach tote, and loose wavy hair ads to the warm-weather vibe while combat boots keep it Portland practical.   


Outfit #2: Sunny Stand-Out
 Just because the weather is gloomy, doesn’t mean your clothing has to be!  If you have a crazy-bright sweatshirt lurking in your closet, this is the opportunity to unleash it.  White pants are hot for spring and instantly make your outfit feel lighter than standard dark jeggings.  The best part is, you’ll defiantly stand out in a sea of black leggings and grey sweaters!  A funky, cool bag in a tribal pattern lends just a touch of trendiness, and show off armfuls of bangles by rolling your sleeves a bit.  White shoes are optional, flats or black booties would work just as well. 



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