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NYC Intern: Pre-Arrival



For those of you arriving to the Big Apple in the coming weeks to take on internships, food and boys, just call me your somewhat fairy-godmother. I will be posting weekly articles on restaurants, bars, and tips/hints to properly conquer NYC. So, sit back, relax and if you are like me, shop ‘til you drop to guarantee you can dress to impress your boss.

Apps To Download:

1.    HopStop: This app is a life savior. You plug in your current location and where you are headed and can select from multiple methods of getting to you destination (subway, train, walking, cab, flying (JK, but how cool would that be?!?!)). This app provides you with extremely explicit directions. And when I say explicit, it really means something, considering I could probably get lost going to my local bagel shop.

2.    This one is for you commuters…Icon Parking: This app asks you to enter your destination and will give you Icon Parking Lots closest to where you are going. The lots will have coupons and the number you see is the price you can pay. As a commuter from a town that doesn’t believe in a train, because it is “too close to the GW bridge” (what nonsense, I know) this app has saved me from going bankrupt. All you have to do is email the coupon to yourself and show the email when you pay, botta bing botta boom you just saved $20!!

3.    Pulsd: This app tells you what amazing events are happening each day in NYC with the majority of the events being free. It posts everything from free concerts to sample sales to markets and free cooking classes. Just scrolling through the app as I am writing this blog post, a free Pitbull concert came on my screen. I mean you really can’t stop this party.

Remember To Pack:

1.    Umbrella:  This is a necessity when living in the Big Apple. As great as NYC is, it is no Los Angeles and it does rain during the summer. Trust me, it has not stopped raining the entire month of May! So, since no one is into the wet, sticky look, bring an umbrella when you move in!

2.    Hangers: Do not forget hangers! We all know our most favorite outfits rely on hangers. So bring plenty to hang anything from sundresses, work trousers and your newest pair of overalls (I know I can’t believe that trend came back either!!).

3.    Headphones: This one is for all you commuters there. Nothing is worse than a subway ride or long walk that is mute to nothing but your own thoughts. Unless you are one of those people who is creative and her mind is a magical play land or has severe ADD and her mind is a three-hour-long game of broken telephone, bring headphones for your way to work! But, totally forget this tip if you are walking with a friend, that would just be severely rude!

4.    Tote: Carrying a tote to work is the easiest way to throw anything from your umbrella to your heels (if you wanna wear flats on the subway) to your gym sneakers for after work. It is a city must-have for a working girl like yourself.


1.    Island Burger

Location: 766 9th Ave (btw 51st and 52nd sts.) and 422 Amsterdam Ave on 80th street

Price:  $-$$

Vibe: This seemingly hole-in-the wall reeks of coolness (and beer). While lines may grow hours long due to the mostly bar-and-stool-like seating arrangements and the narrowness of each restaurant, the wait is worth it.

What I Ordered: the “Tijuana” burger: bacon, jack, guacamole (boy, was that guac SPICY!!), sautéed onions, a black-and-white milkshake and a side of cheesy fries!!  My grade: A+!!!

If You Like It Hot: Order the “Honey West” churrasco (chicken sandwich instead of a burger): ham, cheddar, honey mustard

If You Can’t Handle The Heat: Order the “Pizza” burger: mozzarella, marinara, sautéed onions, roasted peppers, mushrooms, parmigiano reggiano

                                                             OR the “Marcos” burger: pesto, ranch, bacon, parmesan


For Vegetarians:  There are plenty of salads, sides and desserts to make sure you do not leave this place hungry.

Things To Do Before You Start Work:

1.    Inbox the Roomies: Whether you are living with besties or rando strangers, inbox them, call them, text them, communicate with your future roommates. No apartment needs two televisions, microwaves or 5 sets of dishes, so pre-arrival, figure out who is providing what for the most optimal living space!

2.    Dry Run: Start where you are living and take the subway to work, then if the walk is close enough and the weather permits, walk back to your apartment/dorm. This will allow you to time your commute to work and scout out great places to go during your lunch break (aka if you are lucky like me and not so lucky like my bank account, you may be around the corner from Intermix, which can lead to seriously fun and seriously dangerous things at the same time). This dry run also guarantees that you do not wake up at six and get to your office an hour and a half early then end up being late, because you get lost in a magazine at the Starbucks next door to the office.

3.    GET EXCITEDD!!!! (and ready to partaaaaay!) 


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