Nicole Wiesenfeld: President of Phi Gamma Nu

Her Campus recently had the opportunity to interview Nicole Wiesenfeld, a junior in the Ross BBA program. Nicole is the current president of Phi Gamma Nu business fraternity on campus, and the first woman president of this chapter. 

HC: What are your responsibilities as President of PGN? How has it challenged and benefited you so far?

NW: It is an honor to serve as President of Phi Gamma Nu (PGN) Professional Business Fraternity at the University of Michigan, and to be the first female president of our local chapter. As President, I lead all aspects of the organization, chair executive board meetings, and encourage active participation among members in the professional, philanthropic, and social events that we sponsor. 

I enjoy the challenge of addressing the diverse interests and needs within our 100-member organization. Unlike other business groups on campus, PGN includes both Ross business students as well as students from Engineering, Public Health, Nursing, and Art programs. Our slogan is, “Business through mindset, not just major,” so I am always pursuing programs and events which celebrate the diversity of our members’ interests. 

As President and a member for the past three years, I have developed tremendous relations with an extremely talented group of future business professionals and a very supportive alumni base from the University of Michigan and other chapters across the country. These networking opportunities are open to all of our members as we seek out placement among top corporations, financial institutions, and professional service firms. 

HC: What are your goals for this organization and what made you decide to run for President? 

NW: I ran for President because I want to build on something special. Having held leadership positions within the organization prior to being President, I was well aware of where we were excelling, and specific opportunities for improvement. I am particularly interested in expanding our Professional events to incorporate more technology- and startup-focused opportunities to mimic our members’ interests; establishing a Corporate Sponsorship program, so that PGN members have closer relationships to companies; and enhancing our Alumni Relations, in order to keep our alumni engaged and connected to current members. 

Many members have shared that PGN has defined their college experience, and my goal is to continue running the organization in a way that yields such lasting impact. 

HC: Why did you decide to join a professional fraternity? What has your experience been like? 

NW: My interest in business drew me towards professional fraternities, however I found that PGN is much more than a business organization. PGN has three pillars: Professionalism, Philanthropy, and Social. 

UnderProfessionalism, we host private networking events with firms such as McKinsey, Google, Deloitte, and LinkedIn. We attend on-site visits in Chicago and Detroit every year with Fortune 500 corporations. 

For our Philanthropy, members volunteer locally every week at the Veterans’ Association Hospital and Food Gatherers. We play bingo and sing karaoke with the veterans, and also sort and pack food to be delivered across the county. 

On the Socialside, we host events such as Board Game Night, trips to the Cider Mill, and sports competitions with other business fraternities. 

PGN has offered me so much over the past three years, and I am very grateful to be in a position now where I am able to give back. 

HC: What else are you involved in on campus? 

NW: During the past year, I have been an active member of the University of Michigan Professional Fraternity Council. In addition, I am very involved in two consulting organizations. I am a Project Manager for Nexecon Consulting Group, a non-profit student consulting organization that provides services in strategy, marketing, and operations to clients ranging from startups up to Fortune 500 corporations. In addition, I am an active member in Michigan Advertising and Marketing Club (MAM), in which I provide marketing consulting services to local startups. I am also a season ticket holder for UMich Football and look forward to the upcoming season (Go blue!) 

HC: Finally, do you have any advice for anyone considering rushing a professional fraternity? 

NW: I would highly encourage anyone considering a professional fraternity to apply. Professional fraternities have a lot to offer, from professional guidance and access to alumni, to social events and a tight-knit community. I am very happy with my decision to rush, and strongly believe that it would be a great experience for others as well. 

For anyone interested in rushing PGN at the University of Michigan, please visit for more information!