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New Year No Meat?

It’s the start of a new year. That means new friendships, new classes, and New Year resolutions. This year, I decided to challenge myself with my resolution and I became a vegetarian. Since coming to U of M, I realized that being a vegetarian wouldn’t be all that difficult; all the cafeterias have plenty of vegetarian options that are enjoyable and the city has plenty of options, too. However, going home for the weekend as a new vegetarian was harder than I expected.

For example:

When I saw a plate of ham roll ups with cream cheese and onion

When my mom made BLT’s for dinner

When I went to McDonald’s and watched my sister eat chicken nuggets

When I went out to breakfast and my friends ordered bacon

But, meatless lasagna is actually really good

Did I mention how hard it is to avoid bacon?

Even though bacon is always going to be tempting and being a vegetarian is going to be tough sometimes, I’m excited about this challenge. I’ve gained a new appreciation for food and I’m looking forward to the rest of this journey. I wasn’t kidding about that meatless lasagna either; put some spinach and mushrooms in there, it’s delicious! So if anyone is still thinking of a resolution, give vegetarianism a try! Just try to stay away from bacon.


Images Courtesy of: Giphy and LiveStrong

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