Midwest Culture...?

Being from Michigan, I never understood what people meant by the “Midwest Culture.” I had absolutely no idea what my out-of-state friends were talking about when they referred to the “midwest attitude,” so obviously, I tried to figure out what they meant. I ended up consulting my out-of-state friends to see what this “midwest frenzy” was all about and this is what I got:


“They’re just nice.”

Apparently everyone from Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, or Illinois is “just nice.” I don’t know what it is, but all my out-of-state friends specified that Midwesterners have this certain quality about them.


“You’re accent is hilarious.”

Say “dad” or “accent” - why? Apparently that long A is absolutely hilarious for anyone not from central United States. I don’t know about other Midwesterners but “dahd” does not sound right to me either…



According to my friends from the South and out West, I’m just plain wrong. Apparently, pop isn’t an actual beverage, but, according to my friends from home, soda is absolutely ludicrous.



“You guys always talk about going to your cottage during the summer..” Yeah, because Northern Michigan is the best thing that the Midwest has to offer. There’s nothing better than going Up North for the week.


When people sit down and explain it, I guess the Midwest is pretty representative of what the out-of-staters think. I don’t know about other Michiganders, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!