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Michigan Fashion Media Summit… Are You Coming?

It all began with (now senior) Ali Gropper’s frustration regarding the lack of resources made available to University of Michigan students yearning for exposure in the media and fashion industries. After years of immersing herself in fashion-related opportunities independently, Gropper’s passion inspired her to transform how future students with similar interests find these opportunities. She tenaciously acted upon her envy for the abundant resources provided for other majors and fields and used this frustration as motivation to create something that would fill the void. 

The Michigan Fashion Media Summit: it’s here, it’s growing, and it’s taking the University of Michigan campus by storm. 

Alongside President and Co-Founder Ali Gropper, Rachel Roth and Ryan Walker were also compelled to do everything in their power to change the media and fashion opportunities available at U of M before graduating. Rachel Roth stands as Co-Founder, Creative Director, and CMO for the MFMS team. Roth used her unique marketing background to invent the name, brand, and logo in a bold, powerful way that has helped the summit gain immense recognition even in its first year on campus. Ryan Walker serves as the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of the summit. Walker uses his prestige education in business combined with unique personal experiences in marketing and retail as the perfect foundation to take on an integral lead role on the MFMS team. 

The power-trio works with 40 other team members who have been tirelessly coordinating every detail of the elite, day-long summit taking place on April 13. Filled with incomparable networking opportunities, notable keynotes by some of the top names in retail, and a fashion show, the summit is sure to impress its attendees in more ways than one. Speakers include Gary Sheinbaum– CEO of Tommy Hilfiger Americas, Jennifer Bandier– CEO and founder of Bandier, and Michigan alumna Jordana Schrager– CEO and founder of by Jordana, among many other iconic names in the media, retail, and fashion industries. 

As someone who has always been incredibly interested in fashion and media, I am grateful that those on the MFMS team have bravely taken the initiative to pave the way for change here at Michigan. The creative and professional opportunities that will stem from the MFMS for current and future students including myself are ultimately unparalleled.  Whether you have an eagerness for fashion blogging, modeling, retail, or design, the MFMS is here and ready to serve as the perfect platform to pursue a future in fashion.  Their team is right in saying "fashionably late doesn’t even begin to explain it." We’re more than happy to say that this is just the beginning for Michigan Fashion Media Summit. 

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