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A Look Inside the Big House Tunnel

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.


Since football season is winding down, with the last home game this weekend, I thought I’d give my fellow collegiettes an inside look at one of the coolest parts of the Big House: the tunnel!

This is where the football players enter to go to the locker rooms, as well as where the Michigan Marching Band and Spirit Squads (the UM Dance and Cheer Teams) prepare for pregame. The ceiling is painted with “The Team The Team The Team” as well as all the Michigan Rose Bowl appearances and wins.

As a member of the Dance Team, I spend quite a bit of time in here. Here’s a picture of our “locker room” where we put on our makeup and eat at half time:

And finally, here’s my favorite feature of our locker room…

This is the whoomp button! When you press it, it plays “Whoomp, There It Is.” It gets me pumped for the games.