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Keeping Up With Chloe: Nail Art Just Got Wilder

Trend alert! This season is all about mixing it up, and your nails are no exception.

When I recently walked into Sephora, the kits I saw at the nail-polish counter surprised me. In fact, it took me a second to even realize that these kits were for your nails! These aren’t your average four-bottle kits, though; I’m talking about UK-based Ciaté’s Caviar Manicure™ and Velvet Manicure™, which utilize different materials to create textured nails.

The concept is simple: for each type of manicure, you swipe on a coat of colored polish (included with the kit), then gently press the caviar beads or brush the crushed velvet onto your nails while they’re still wet. And don’t worry too much about clean up, because there is a tray included in every set to collect any extra material!

While I haven’t yet tried this trend, I’m eager to stop by a Sephora and pick up the Velvet Manicure™ in Berry Poncho—it’s the perfect jewel tone for fall and winter! I’m pretty frugal, so $19 is a lot for nail polish, but I think that these Ciaté products are worth the splurge (the Caviar Manicure™ costs $25). What do you think about this trend, collegiettes?

Ciaté: http://www.ciate.co.uk/
Caviar Manicure™ at Sephora: http://www.sephora.com/ciate-caviar-manicure-P311207
Velvet Manicure™ at Sephora: http://www.sephora.com/velvet-manicure-P375461

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