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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

From the freshman fifteen to the senior slump, we cannot escape gaining weight in college. But here are a few tips to staying healthy in the land of Pizza House, Blimpy Burger, and Zingerman’s.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do not forget it–seriously, don’t. Breakfast will keep you full, jumpstart your metabolism, and give you energy to start your day. I recommend Greek yogurt, egg whites, or, if you’re in a rush, Starbucks has a menu under 300 calories.


Which Wich

A new and friendly face on campus: Which Wich. Located all the way down on East Liberty, here you can build your own sandwiches or make a lettuce wrap. I like to add a million toppings and get my sandwich wrapped in lettuce. This way you can cut out carbs, but also enjoy a delicious and filling lunch.


A staple at the University of Michigan, it is located underneath Zaragon and next door is their grocery store, Replenish. Yes, it kind of smells inside so my advice would be to get your salad to go instead. Get your dressing on the side to cut out hundreds of calories or go for balsamic vinegar. Don’t forget to add protein on top, and I always like to get my salad chopped!


While it is so hard to resist getting a #73 when you walk through those doors, Zingerman’s recently added to the menu what they call a “sand-let.” It is your favorite sandwich on lettuce! So much healthier, but still oh so good. 


After a long day of class I get completely starved and eat anything and everything I lay my eyes on. If I have a few small meals a day, I stay full and resist splurging at night. My favorite snacks are Quest Bars (sold at 7-11), 100 calorie packs of almonds, or a banana.

Late-night eating

After a night out at Skeeps, who can resist a slice at NYPD? NO ONE! My advice is to stock your fridge with fruits and vegetables so when you come home from a night out, you grab those instead. While pizza may taste better, this way you will wake up without the guilt.


I have a huge sweet tooth and could go for Insomnia or Rod’s everyday. But instead, I find low calorie options that will satisfy my craving. Skinny Cow bars are my favorite dessert, but I also love a good a chocolate covered banana. Don’t restrict yourself too much or else you will go insane! Don’t forget, having a couple splurges a week won’t kill you or make you gain weight! Just don’t make a habit out of it.


It is important to make lifestyle choices now that will keep you healthy in the future, especially ones that you can easily maintain. Happy and healthy eating!

Images courtesy The Science of Eating, annarbor.com, Road Food