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How Claire Underwood Has Taught Us to Dress Sexy Yet Classy

Season 3 of House of Cards has brought us new characters, conflicts with higher stakes, and even more unanswered questions. One thing that remains from season to season, however, is the chic style of the current First Lady. Claire Underwood teaches us just how to always appear flawless on the exterior, no matter how she is feeling on the inside. [Spoilers ahead!]


She proves you don’t need long hair to maximize your femininity.

A two-inch trim at the salon makes most of us shiver, but for Claire Underwood, her confidence is accentuated. Blonde or brunette, she owns this look like no other.


She doesn’t over-accessorize.

While Claire may not have to resort to the hat-scarf-glove-AND-sunglasses combo that us Mid Westerners have come to accept as unavoidable, we notice that her style is simple yet elegant.


She emphasizes, but doesn’t over-flaunt, her assets.

No doubt that Claire has a rockin’ bod, and she is able to show it off while keeping it professional. She is thin and yet features perfectly sculpted arms and shoulders that could motivate any girl to hit the weights. Even Petrov can’t keep his hands off of her.


She sleeps in style.

Even when Claire and Frank are sleeping in separate rooms, her look is on point around the clock.


She knows how to show her man exactly what he’ll be missing.

While the last episode leaves Claire walking away from her husband right when he needs her by his side most, her demeanor is sexy as hell, making it hurt even more. There’s no way this can be the end of these two.


Photographs courtesy of Netflix.

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