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Hey, It’s Ok…The College Frat Party Edition

…to stuff a few dollar bills inside your bra or in your boot for safe keeping. It’s always a good idea to hide a few bills somewhere to cover those 2 A.M. pepperoni pizza cravings or, more practically, for a cab fare home!

…to jump up on that table or platform and shake what your Mama gave you.
Let’s be real, when else will you have a chance to do something this crazy?

…to politely decline an invitation to dance with the guy whose acting just a little too creepy for his own good. Whether this guy’s been blowing kisses your way all night or just stinks to high heaven from a bad case of booze and B.O., don’t feel obligated to dance with him simply because you feel bad saying no.

… to refuse a refill on the jungle juice. There’s no hard and fast rule that says you have to accept a drink from any guy – no matter how gorgeous he may be (even if he IS the President of the frat!)

…to simply dance the night away with your girlfriends. Believe it or not, you might have A LOT more fun belting out Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” with your gal pals instead of vying for that cute guy’s attention all night long.

….to avoid using the frat house bathrooms….at all costs. Unknown substances scattered about the floor, clogged toilets and empty toilet paper rolls await you in those upstairs bathrooms. Sounds pleasant, eh?

…to dress up in the party theme – even if it’s lame. Who doesn’t love a good masquerade party? Helpful hint: you’re more likely to get into one of these parties if you play by the rules and dress up. 

…to have a coat that’s specifically reserved for frat parties…
Since your coat will simply end up tossed atop the growing mound of black North Face jackets already in the heap, there’s no guarantee you’ll be strolling home in the jacket you came with. Get a little creative and designate a coat you can wear out to the frats – one that won’t leave you heartbroken if it gets lost, stolen, or trampled on.

Oh, and not OK to hook up with multiple guys on the dance floor – have a little class, ladies.


Caroline is a junior at the University of Michigan, studying Communications & Writing. She was born and raised a Jersey girl but attends school in the Midwest and now lives out West in Arizona.  In her free time, Caroline enjoys playing tennis, reading James Patterson novels, cheering on the Wolverines at the Big House, lounging in the Arizona sunshine, and snuggling with her boxer puppy.
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