Her Campus UMich's Guide to #GettingBackGivingBack

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

From Chipotle lunchs to afternoon crafting, we had so much fun using our Back to School Survival Kits to get back to school and give back to ourselves, our friends, and our campus and global communities. 

Our team gave back to our community by giving away BOGO Chipotle cards to friends, family, and our most loyal social media followers! GMO-free and always delicious, nothing says “I love you” more than Chipotle. 

Personally, I’m already six weeks into school and I still haven’t decorated my room. With the help of the Her Campus pennant, my desk is still messy, but is now totally stylish. I love being able to show off my love for Her Campus to everyone who sees my room without even saying a word.

Have you ever been watching a movie and thought to yourself, “Why do these girls only talk about men?” It’s unrealistic. When women are together in real life they talk about their education, careers, the best thing they ate that week, the book that they’re reading right now, and then, yes, a little about men. Movies where two women are together talking about nothing but men do not pass what’s called the Bechdel Test and clearly do not promote feminism. One of the ways I heard about the Bechdel Test was in the #NoCeilings 30-Day Challenge, created by No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project, which aims to educate people about the lack of gender equality still around today.

Sick of the phrase, “I can’t even”? So is Actually She Can, an initiative created to promote feminism and the idea that women can do anything! To empower young women to achieve their goals they had a writing contest asking to hear about how young women (like Her Campus readers) are inspiring change, motivating others, and making a difference. We can’t wait to read the winners! 

Curly hair and beachy waves aren’t just for the summer anymore. Whether we’re in class in Mason Hall, eating lunch at Revive, or hitting up Charley’s for a fishbowl, we specialize in looking good. To ensure we look on point everywhere we go, we use TRESemme’s Perfectly (un)Done Collection. It keeps our hair bouncy and totally sticky-free. 

New school year, new you, right? With the help of NYC New York Color’s Waterproof Eyeshadow and Primer sticks, we were able to come up with new looks for everything from class to Skeeps. Ranging in colors from daytime brown to fall green, my team could not wait to experiment with these.

Considering we are a staff of writers, some of which are English majors, it’s no surprise that we love to read. As the semester is picking up, it is important to find some time for yourself. Reading is a great way to do this, especially in the fall when it’s pretty easy to find a nice fireplace to curl up next to and read a book (while drinking a PSL, obviously). P.S. One of our current favorites is Me Before You, published by the almighty Penguin Random House.

As we learned before, I’m not the most decorative person out there. But luckily for me, my roommate and fellow staff writer for Her Campus UMich is. Our apartment is decked out in everything from homemade pick me up posters to crafty designs. When I showed her the awesome Martha Stewart Crafts we got, she could not wait to get her hands on the glitter and immediately start crafting.

Nothing says new school year like a new purse. I’ve always been strictly a tiny purse and backpack kind of girl, but the MZ Wallace Chelsea Tote has completely changed that. It’s big enough for my laptop, a few notebooks, my planner, a makeup bag, and everything else a girl could possibly need throughout her day. 

Considering the fact it snowed last Saturday, it’s safe to say that winter will be upon us soon. With winter comes everything from holiday food to finals food. And without a vacation or bikini season in sight, it’s pretty easy to justify that third piece of pumpkin pie. Our best trick to cutting out extra calories is by using Zing Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener. With colder weather comes multiple Starbucks trips a day so by using Zing you will be avoiding some of the extra calories that come with that drop to 50 degrees. 

Customizing our laptops and desks became easy with My Social Canvas. With decals that are both stylish and promote education, what’s not to love? It also perfectly ties in perfectly with our initiative to raise awareness about She’s the First, an organization that provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries.


We hope these organizations and brands inspire you to give back to our communities as well!