Heidi Haas: A Charitable Collegiate

There are students who hope to make a change in the world, and then there are those who are making a change. We had the opportunity to talk to one collegiate on campus that is doing everything she can to help girls in low-income countries receive the education they deserve. Heidi is one of the most empathetic and genuine students we’ve come across, and her passion for She’s the First is overwhelming. Here’s a little bit more about one of the co-presidents of She’s the First.

Name: Heidi Haas

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Fenton, MI

Fun Fact: I’ve driven a Zamboni a few times.


Her Campus: Tell us a little bit about She’s the First.

Heidi Haas: She’s the First is entering its fifth year on the University of Michigan campus. We raise money for girls in low-income countries so that they may receive a high school education. The consequences of our efforts are phenomenal. With the transportation, tuition, and supplies needed, these girls can break the usual cycle of poverty and discrimination. When we’re not fundraising, we try to spread awareness on related issues and organize social events for our members.

HC: What made you want to get involved in the organization in the first place?

HH: I stumbled upon the poster board during my very first Festifall, and I became active right away. The meetings never felt like an “obligation” to me; I didn’t know much about the issues that led to the birth of She’s the First, so I was really drawn in by both the cause and the enthusiasm of the older members. Stephanie (the other president) and I met freshman year in our dorm, so it was also nice to have someone to walk to meetings with.


HC: What is your favorite thing that you’ve done with She’s the First?

HH: Seven other girls and I attended the She’s the First leadership summit in August. We spent two days in the Microsoft Building of Times Square, interacting with world leaders and other She’s the First members from every other corner of the country. Our chapter received honorable mention for our Global Awareness efforts.

HC: Give us your shameless plug for your org

HH: We need more guys to join! This is a cause that effects everyone, so we’re trying to reduce the stigma that this is a girls’ club. In October, we throw a fundraiser called “Bake-A-Change” where the members get together and bake rainbow cupcakes in bulk, and then sell them for a few days in Mason Hall. Last year, we sent an order form to Panhel and delivered a few dozen to sororities on campus.


HC: What’s one thing on your Michigan bucket list?

HH: I’ve always wanted to sneak into the Big House at night, but there’s no way that’s actually going to happen.



Images courtesy of Heidi Haas