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Guidelines for a Successful Senior Year

Stepping onto this campus after a summer away felt like slipping back into a pair of favorite jeans; comfortable, reassuring and familiar. Summer in Chicago showed me what it was going to be like after I graduated from here in eight months. Was I ready for it? On one hand, I could see myself being happy and fulfilled with work in a fun city with all my friends as an adult. On the other, I never want to leave the ease of college. There’s so much that we take for granted here as underclassmen and juniors. Seniors see the value in the smallest details knowing that in a short period of time it will all disappear. Going into my senior year I’ve decided to live it according to three guidelines:

Learn as much as possible whenever possible.

Sure, this might sound absolutely boring to the underclassmen reading this but hear me out. I think that as college students, we have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips that we very rarely use fully.  I want to make sure that all my time in the classroom is not wasted but spent learning for the sake of learning because when else will we get this opportunity?

Say “yes” as much as possible and “no” in very rare occasions

Classic advice but hey, it’s classic for a reason. Saying yes to those impromptu trips to the docs or Rick’s after a game can lead to the best memories. However, I also understand that there needs to be moments of self-care and saying no to take care of yourself is extremely valuable.

Relish it and all of it

Taking this year, with the highs and the lows, and remembering all of it is all I want from it. The positives and negatives are what make a college experience and when I look back on this year I don’t want to have a completely lopsided view of it. I’ll never be a senior in college again and I want to remember what that meant in the moment to the fullest.

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