GLOSSIER: Let’s Celebrate Natural Beauty

A simplistic, yet digitally native beauty brand, Glossier celebrates its consumers’ authentic beauty, strengthening individuals to define their own version of it. Making consumers feel like themselves, but better, the brand encourages individuals to be proud of their natural aesthetic and be their own unique beauty editor. Driven by its loyal dedication to its cult following, the Glossier brand is differentiated by its "people-power beauty ecosystem.” Personal choice is their most valued principle.

A Beauty Brand Inspired by Real Life

A brand that makes consumers feel special in their own way, Glossier provides its millennial women consumers with a curated selection of beauty products ranging from skincare, color cosmetics, and fragrance. One of the leading reasons I love Glossier is its pure dedication to serving the individualistic needs and desires of its beauty customers and establishing real connections. Forming an instant bond with the brand through its centralization of the principles of pleasing oneself and individual identity, Glossier introduced me to the notion of low maintenance, yet confident beauty. Providing shoppers, predominantly young women, with all of the innovative benefits Glossier has to offer, the brand successfully enriches their consumption experiences while accentuating their innate beauty. Committed to the goal of inspiring customers to embrace a positive mindset regarding their natural self, Glossier enhances consumer self-esteem through its value of fresh-faced millennials, flaunting “no-makeup makeup." (Mandell, 2018).,h_300,al_c,q_5/file.pngWith a modern, minimalist aesthetic, Glossier conveys a sophisticated, yet approachable brand image, which resonates with its connected consumer base. Targeting those who have an existing interest in beauty, the brand is built around its engaged community of shoppers, nurturing their beauty involvement. This community building approach allows Glossier to fulfill its objective of motivating beauty lovers and curating a network of passionate individuals who inspire one another. Its revolutionary application of branding has allowed it to directly reach and relate to its loyal consumers, naturally influencing a generation of beauty addicts. Thus, the centralization of relationship marketing is woven throughout the "cool girl" fabric of the company and is reflected in its tangible customer service experience.  

The Glossier Difference 

The directly-to-consumer brand centers around its customers’ positive beauty experience while communicating with them directly and tapping into their needs. Focused on generating content that facilitates two-way conversation and engaging with its audience directly, Glossier puts patrons in a position that enables them to co-create products of value. Thus, the consumer orientation becomes the leading aspect of Glossier's genuine culture, while creating products that people actually want and need. Offering items that are designed to be inspired by the people who use them, and for people to be inspired by, Glossier employs community insight to devise improved, more targeted goods. Recognizing that today's generation of consumers want to be heard, seen, and involved in their consumer purchases, the brand has pioneered a platform that offers customers the opportunity to share their own voices. /Users/abbyingber/Desktop/Screen Shot 2019-10-19 at 8.20.44 PM.png

Ultimately, the company hones in on the value of consumer well-being while supporting cosmetic products that only help bring out one’s best, promising to never cover you up, or transform you into somebody else. Delivering products that tend to and embrace consumers’ natural skin, Glossier presents utilitarian value. While concentrating on boosting a woman's existing beauty, rather than fixing or hiding it, Glossier has redefined the beauty industry, curating a new, fresh space which highlights the importance of staying true to yourself. 

Ultimately, it stands for natural beauty, emboldening millennial women to take control over their beauty routine and feel happy in their own skin. Moreover, its all-embracing culture is notably seen through its promotion of inclusivity, which serves as a point of marketing differentiation and separates Glossier's brand community from its competitors. Further catering towards consumer wellbeing, Glossier boldly guides consumers to welcome the idea that being unapologetically yourself is not something to be afraid of, but rather something to be proud of. 

Glossier consumers have complete visibility into the brand’s initiatives and values which allows the cultivation of trusting, perceptive customer relationships. Fostering the engaged position of consumer perception, the brand compellingly reaches customers with the creation of tailored value, which happy consumers, including myself, can't help but smile at. Collaborating with consumers in an unprecedented way through engaged communication in its interactive digital space and the construction of equally powered relationships, Glossier accommodates the viewpoints of its diverse consumer base and incites brand loyalty. Eschewing the traditional societal ideals associated with the maintenance of feminine beauty, the brand taps into a liberating realm of beauty, inspiring its community of women with a lifestyle to aspire to. The brand's representation of positive femininity propagates an image that its beauty consumers can eagerly identify with. In sum, Glossier's core value of nurturing its direct brand-to consumer orientation has enabled it to personalize the beauty experience of its cult following, whole-heartedly fulfilling consumers' individual needs, and then some.