Gift Ideas for all the Different People in Your Life

The holidays are quite possibly one of the most stressful times of the year, and finding the perfect present only makes for an even more difficult time. Here is a list of ideas to get your started this holiday season!


  1. Shaving subscription box
  2. Gear from his favorite sports team
  3. Concert/sports tickets


  1. A jar of jobs/tasks you could do for her such as cleaning the kitchen, doing the laundry and cooking dinner.
  2. A Gift card to a spa
  3. Monogramed wine glasses


  1. A gift card to her favorite clothing store
  2. A holiday makeup gift set from Sephora
  3. A nice perfume


  1. A nice jacket from Nike/Adidas
  2. A nice watch
  3. Speakers for his room


  1. A necklace that has significance to your relationship
  2. A gift card to Sephora
  3. Tickets to her favorite performer

Your best friend:

  1. Make them a scrapbook of your time together
  2. Music festival tickets
  3. A photo frame of the cutest photo of you two together


  1. A nice bottle of wine
  2. A “World’s Best Boss” mug
  3. A gift basket with food and chocolates

Significant Other’s Parents:

  1. Flowers for their home
  2. A nice bottle of wine
  3. A homemade dessert

Good luck and happy holidays!

Image courtesy of Cuteomatic