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Five Romance Books to Look Forward to this Year

Booktok without a doubt has taken over the book community by storm. Along with popularizing books, there are some authors that have shined within the community. Here are some books are written by famous booktok authors that are coming out this year—the last one being the one I am most excited about!

Something Wilder

By: Christina Lauren

May 17, 2022

The author Christina Lauren has written many books that have circulated the booktok community. From The Unhoneymooners (my personal favorite) to Love and Other Words, Christina Lauren has written many diverse books filled with emotion, laughter and sarcasm. With the balance of these three factors, I look forward to reading their next book. Here a little synopsis:

If you are ready for a little treasure hunt (which is kind of giving me Indiana Jones meets romance vibes), this book is seems perfect for an adventure lover. When Lily Wilder father left her with nothing in the bank, she decides to go on a treasure hunt using past maps from her fathers archives since he was a former treasure hunter. While on the trip, she encounters her first love forcing them to work together to find the possibility of a treasure or rekindling love.

More information on Something Wilder can be found here!


Book Lovers

By: emily henry

may 3, 2022

Emily Henry has written some classic booktok favorites with the most popular being People we Meet on Vacation and Beach Read. Her new book entitled Book Lovers and here is a brief synopsis:

For those who love enemies to lovers, this one seems perfect for you! Nora Stephans is a literary agent who is known within the industry for landing big deals for her clients. When her sister convinces her to visit a small town for a month she hopes to have the love story of a lifetime (honestly, who wouldn’t) however when she gets there, she continues to run into someone she already knows, Charlie Lastra. Also known within the literary industry these two have come to hate each other, or do they?

More information on Book Lovers can be found here!


The American Roommate Experiment: a novel

By: Elena Armas

September 6, 2022

Author of The Spanish Love Deception and creator of fan favorite book boyfriend, Aaron Blackford, Elena Armas has written another book following up with Catalina Martín’s best friend, Rosie Graham. Here is the synopsis:

I have one thing to say, FORCED PROXIMITY. When Rosie Graham apartment literally crumbles, she decides to live in her best friends apartment for a little but while she is out of town. When she gets to her apartment, Rosie discovers that her best friends cousin, Lucas is borrowing her apartment as well (who she has been stalking on Instagram). As Rosie decides what to do about her living situation, Lucas offers for her to stay with him for the time being. He also offers to be her temporary romance inspiration as she is experiencing writers block for her romance book. Sounds a little like fake dating to me which I definitely have an extremely small weakness for (I am definitely lying it is one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to books).

More information on The American Roommate Experiment: A Novel can be found here!


Love on the Brain

By: Ali Hazelwood

August 23, 2022

Ali Hazelwood swept booktok off their feet with her book The Love Hypothesis which released in late 2021. This book was one of my top books of 2021 despite it being a STEM romance, I fell in love with Adam and Olive’s relationship and I look forward to reading another romance in a different area of STEM. Here is the synopsis:

Another on for my enemies to lovers fans! When Bee Königswasser slips in a lab Levi Ward is there to catch her (like every girls dream). However, he expresses extreme distaste for her and they now view each other as enemies working within the same field, neuroscience. When a huge opportunity comes Bee’s way, she immediately accepts but it is not turning our like she hoped. She is having difficulty with this opportunity and somehow starts to view Levi as an ally but the only question is how?

More information on Love on the Brain can be found here!


It starts with us

By: colleen hoover

October 18, 2022

Can I just start by saying how excited I am for this book. When Colleen Hoover posted nothing but a black screen with the words 11 AM Central on her Instagram, Thursday, February 10, 2022 at 12 PM eastern time I was patiently refreshing my Instagram feed. When the post finally came up of a book with a seashore and lilies lying in the water I almost burst into tears. I was never in a million years thinking we would get a sequel of It Ends with Us. Although there is not much on the book we do know that it is a duo POV of Lily and more importantly ATLAS CORRIGAN!!!

Make sure to check out the link below for more information.


Anjali is currently a freshman studying Business Administration at the University of Michigan. She loves to write, annotate her books and listen to music.
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