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Finding Prince Charming This Fall

It’s the start of a new school year, new you, and new guys. With the summer coming to a close and fall sneaking in, people may be breaking up, getting together, or staying single. Especially with classes just starting, there are endless possibilities on the dating scene. Now’s the perfect time to find that knight in shining armor to sweep you off your feet on his white horse (or convertible). However, with the large pool of guys, it’s nice to know which places to look to find that Mr. Right, so Her Campus is here with advice on possible places to find quality guys.

Dorms – As tempting as it is to scope out that hottie across the hall from you, try to resist these temptations! Though it may be convenient to hang out, if the relationship goes wrong, you’ll have awkward day-to-day meetings with these guys. Not only that, word travels fast in the dorms and having relationships with hall-mates can get messy, fast. So ditch the unnecessary drama, and set your sights on the many other guys outside of your residence hall. *A tip: if there is a guy you’re seriously crushing on, and think you may have a future with, stay friends with him and wait until you’re out of the dorms to date. That way, no one will scrutinize the relationship, and if it fizzles, you don’t have to deal with unnecessary run-ins with your ex.

Parties – If you’re looking for a casual, fun hook-up, parties are jackpot locations to find those types of guys. However, finding your “prince charming” here is rare. Most people go to parties with the intention of just enjoying themselves and aren’t looking for something serious, but parties are easy places to find a ton of guys.

Small Get-Togethers – More low-key parties may be easier to find Mr. Right, where the emphasis is not so much on boozing it up and going crazy, but having a good time with more familiar people. The great thing is, you may not know everyone there, so if someone catches your eye, strut over and start a conversation! Now don’t get me wrong, people are open to the idea of hooking-up at any party, but at small get-togethers, the focus isn’t mainly on finding someone to hook-up with. These environments are typically good for meeting guys because your friends know them, so you can have an excuse to see them again or find out more about them through your friend group.

Bars – These areas can go either way: either you could meet someone who wants to know you better or find someone who’s looking for a one-night stand. My advice: go to bars with dance floors, so you have a way to hang out with them with less pressure. Also, the type of night you end up with could depend on the group of friends you go with. Obviously, bringing guys with you could send a message that you’re “taken,” even if you’re not. On the other hand, going with a huge group of girls could be intimidating for guys, unless you’re outgoing and don’t mind approaching them. Bars are usually more pro-active places, so you have to be willing to put yourself out there and either approach them or signal that you’re interested.

School Functions – Student organizations like academic clubs, sports, or volunteer organizations are always great ways to meet guys. You probably have a better chance of finding Mr. Right here because you both may have interests in common in that organization. But trying to find a guy here means you not only have to be actively joining clubs, but are patient. Guys won’t necessarily join organizations with a main focus of meeting a girl (though some might!), so take time to enjoy doing something you’re passionate about, and that cute guy in your club may notice you.

One main tip while you’re at these locations, it’s all about you. If you walk into a room with confidence, men definitely notice and find it attractive. An easy way to gain confidence is to not focus so much finding a guy for the night, when you’re going out, but to have a good time with your friends. Be you, and the rest will follow. And honestly, the best things are unexpected.

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