Fall 2019: Top 3 Shows to Binge Watch

Bored, procrastinating, and looking for a TV show to watch? As a longstanding binge-watcher myself, I’ve pretty much seen every popular, mainstream TV show you can think of. A few of which I have found to be so amazing that I always find myself compelled to watch them again, and then a few times more. Here are three TV shows that will instantly grab your attention, keep you on the couch for hours on end, and leave you wanting more.

1.     Law and order SVU

A truly iconic show, Law and Order never fails to impress. Given the endless episodes, still counting, and the continuously running marathons on TV, this show has proven to be highly addictive. Always interesting, never boring, Law and Order SVU gives viewers an inside perspective on the captivating criminal justice system – although be aware that it’s portrayal is largely unrealistic. Considering that there is never a dull moment, this show has successfully found a way to force its way into the hearts of many generations. Appealing to all ages, the show’s brilliant ensemble cast deals with the unimaginable, while working as detectives for the City’s Special Victims Unit. Focusing on important issues relating to rape and sexual assault, the show addresses such heavy matters in a very candid, eye-opening way. This show continues to stand the test of time as it is still running strong and powerfully led by the long-enduring female powerhouse, Olivia Benson.

2.     Gossip girl

For any girl, this show should be a no brainer to binge-watch. A show that has basically defined modern youth pop culture and become truly entrenched in most girls’ daily dialogue, Gossip Girl has managed to leave a lasting impression. Filled with the most amazingly cringe-worthy drama and shedding light on the most lavish of lives, it is nearly impossible to hit pause. As you watch the nearly flawless characters living their extraordinarily lavish lives you will often find yourselves either envying or hating them, but they draw you in every time with their heart-rending relationships and resilient friendships. Capturing the lives of your favorite group of wealthy kids, the show portrays their idealistic lifestyles as they deal with high-class issues, things we viewers can only dream of. Sucking you in every episode with the thrilling drama, intense plot twists, and often heartbreaking love stories, Gossip Girl is an addiction that no fan will ever be able to give up. This TV series surpasses every expectation you may have in life and that is why it is simply sensational.

3.     Grey’s Anatomy

Currently running its 16th season, Grey’s Anatomy is a genuinely amazing soapy show that fulfills every area of satisfaction for hopeless romantic viewers. Captivating your undivided attention through the intense relationships, unbreakable friendships, and medical drama, this series will sweep you away within the first episode. The dramatic storylines and insightful characters guarantee that you will not only fall in love with the show but will eventually develop emotional attachments to your favorite characters. Taking you on an emotional roller coaster as you watch the ebbs and flows of the doctors' lives while they balance their personal lives with their professional careers, you should mentally prepare yourself for the feelings you will experience. The medical glory and ongoing trauma that you get to witness makes this show unlike any other. This show is truly an experience as you will encounter endless laughs, tears, and a surplus of medical knowledge. Enjoy as you live vicariously through the dynamics of the most attractive surgeons.