A Definitive Ranking of Ann Arbor Ice Cream Spots

It’s no secret that Ann Arbor is one of the best foodie towns around. From Aventura to Zingerman’s, this college town covers almost every kind of food you can think of. One thing Ann Arbor does best: ice cream. There are so many spots to grab a cone that it can be overwhelming to choose where to go when you’re just craving sweets. That’s where we come in. We’ve ranked the ice cream locations you can find on and off campus so you know exactly where to go grab your favorite dessert before the Michigan tundra hits and you can’t fathom eating a pint of Phish Food.


9. South Quad Dining Hall

With only the options of chocolate, vanilla, or swirl, this popular dining hall falls a bit short with its ice cream delivery. But it’s free for those with meal plans and sometimes has a toppings bar, so it’s worth a mention.


8. MoJo Dining Hall

Again another dining hall, but MoJo occasionally whips up some incredible flavors of soft serve. Look out for chocolate mint around Saint Patrick’s Day or Pumpkin in the fall!


7. Stucchi’s

A State Street favorite, Stucchi’s has been around for eons. There are some amazing flavors like Peanut Butter Truffle Shuffle and Chocolate Cheesecake that everyone should try. Sometimes the texture can be a little too firm, but overall, Stucchi’s is a great place to grab a scoop after class.

6. Amer’s

Not only does Amer’s serve up fantastic crêpes (seriously, they are so worth it) and a ridiculous amount of sandwiches, but also their fro-yo is pretty much a study break staple. Whether you want to go on a quick catch-up date with your friends or grab a sweet snack while writing your paper, the small-yet-satisfying array of flavors and a variety of toppings will get you through the day.


5. Kilwin’s

Kilwin’s is a bit out of the way, since it’s located on the corner of Liberty and Main, but it’s a hidden treasure. Every option is packed with flavor—try Toasted Coconut or S’mores for a taste of pure heaven. Be wary though, the prices can be a little steep. But you deserve a cone of this amazing ice cream, and you should even treat yourself to some of their chocolates while you’re there!

4. Washtenaw Dairy

Washtenaw Dairy has been an Ann Arbor staple forever. They have amazing donuts (seriously, the chocolate sprinkle is to-die-for) AND some even better ice cream. Get ready for some classic flavors when you stop by like Moose Tracks and Superman. The servings are huge and the shop is adorable, so prepare to be extremely happy when you head over there to get your ice cream fix.


3. Ben and Jerry’s

Yes, it’s an international chain, and you can get it at any ice cream aisle in any store, but it would be cruel to leave out one of the best ice cream brands in the world. Come on, Phish Food? Half Baked? Tonight Dough? Ben and Jerry’s is a no-brainer; whenever you have a bad day (or even a good one!) this centrally-located shop is a perfect pit stop.


2. Iorio’s

If you want to branch out and try something new, Iorio’s is the place to go. It’s a small gelato shop on William’s, and we promise it will never disappoint you. They don’t limit you on the number of flavors you can have in a cup (score!) and with their incredible array of selections, you’ll have a hard time choosing just two or three. Our recommendations? You can’t go wrong with Zuppa Inglese, Guinness Chocolate Chip, or Lavender Honey.


1. Blank Slate Creamery

The ice cream place that takes the cake (or cone, really) is Blank Slate. If you haven’t been, you absolutely need to—it’s something every Wolverine has to do in their time in Ann Arbor. They make the ice cream in-house, as well as their waffle cones. They don’t even upcharge for cones! But you’ll never come across flavors so unique and decadent as the ones at Blank Slate. Their Garden Mint flavor is a twist on classic mint ice cream; instead of using artificial mint flavoring, they steep the mint leaves in the ice cream base! You can’t go wrong with any flavor here. Trust us, once you try Blank Slate, all other ice cream will be ruined for you forever.

So there you have it—all the best places to get your ice cream fix! Sure, we may have had our first snow already, but that doesn’t mean that ice cream season is over yet! So go and get it while the weather is still (slightly) permitting. You may as well appreciate the wide variety of ice-cream options that this town has to offer while you can!


Images courtesy of Spoon University, Yelp.