Coping with Tragedy

An unexpected loss is a wicked curveball from the universe. Everyone copes with loss differently, and there is no way to properly prepare for it. I am writing this article to offer my recent experience with loss as potential guidance for anyone grieving in the future.

Personally, listening to music helps me with my sanity. Music’s artistic purpose is to bring meaning to individuals, and there is a song for every mood. Finding a meaningful rhythm can guide your feelings when you are numb. Instrumentals can move you to a happier frequency, and help ease your mind. Lyrical music can help you focus on specific thoughts, or be a distraction. Sometimes channeling your thoughts on the words of a song can bring you out of other, heavier thoughts.

Surround yourself with people you love. When you lose someone you care for, let your love overflow to support others in mourning, or anyone else you appreciate. Let people know how you feel; that you are thankful for them in your life. I made sure to reach out to my friends and family, even if I had not talked to them recently. They will always be appreciative to know that you have them in your thoughts.

I found it hard to carry on with my daily routine when something so tragic had shaken my world. When you lose someone, there is an undeniable gaping hole in your world, whether that person was a part of your daily routine or not.  Nevertheless, nothing gives life more meaning than death. Use the realness of the situation to set a clear mindset, and consider what is important for you. Focus on the aspects of life that make you happy, and spend your time with people that only contribute to that happiness.

It is positive to accept and remember the person you have lost by carrying on their values and goals. They would have wanted you to be happy, and to celebrate their life and your friendship. Keep their legend alive by allowing their spirit to live vicariously though you. Whether you are a religious or spiritual person or not, open your mind and your heart to their presence, because it is as real as you want it to be.

I am writing this article today as my tribute to Joshua Max Kent. Anyone who knows Josh can attest to his rare talent, his creative mind, and his unconditional love. He brought unity and inspiration to those in his life, and in that way, truly embodies the diamond he chose as his symbol. Thank you for all the memories Josh, we love and miss you.

Image courtesy of Sonja Niederhofer