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Campus Celebrity: Lauren Kosches

Sophomore Lauren Kosches brings the phrase “Reach for the stars” to life by seizing all of the opportunities that Michigan has to offer. Only nineteen years old, Lauren has already taken leadership roles in several organizations along with taking a rigorous course schedule. An International Studies major, she juggles school and extracurricular activities while maintaining a social life and standing out from the rest of the University of Michigan. She recently snagged an amazing internship with congressman Tim Walberg, which is going to help her excel in the world of politics.

HC: Tell me about your internship.

LK: I intern with congressman Tim Walberg. He’s a republican who represents Washtenaw County and other surrounding areas. I’ve only gone to the office a few times but I already love it.

HC: What exactly do you do there?

LK: I answer calls and deal with legislative complaints. Those complaints then get sent to the office in Washington D.C. where they handle them directly by either calling the constituent or writing them a letter addressing the issue. I get to see how local government handles citizen issues. I also talk to people about different cases that they might have, like if they need help filing for disability or if they have social security problems. I pass on their issues to different case workers who then help them get what they need. I write letters to different organizations that have done something impressive like new businesses that have come about. We send letters to the people in his district who have turned 80 and above. We do other cool things like give boy scouts and girl scouts awards for becoming a scout of the next level.

HC: How often do you go to the office?

LK: I go twice a week for four hours each day. The office is in Jackson, Michigan.

HC: How will this internship help your career?

LK: I’m really interested in politics. I want to go to law school and my ultimate goal is to be a lawyer. So, I feel like this internship can really get my foot in the door; plus, it’s really fun and I love what I’m doing.

HC: How do you manage to balance the internship with school and your other activities?

LK: Well, I do research in the School of Public Policy, I’m the community coordinator for a program with the Detroit Partnership, and I’m the social liaison for my sorority. While with 18 credits this semester I have a lot of work, I manage to balance my time pretty well. I keep multiple calendars, not to mention I’ve learned to walk really fast!

HC: If somebody else in your situation received the same opportunity to participate in an amazing internship, what advice would you give them?

LK: I would definitely say to stay organized. Get ahead of the game – that way, you won’t allow yourself to fall behind. Make lots of lists so you never forget what you have to do. Lastly, don’t get frustrated when things don’t go exactly the way you planned. Eventually, everything will work out!

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