Breaking News: Kanye Moving to Chicago without Chicago


While Kanye was in Chicago at an event hosted by Chance the Rapper (the boyzz), he announced that he wanted to move back to Chicago. He said, “I’ve got to let you all know, that I’m moving back to Chicago.” Kim seems out of the loop though, so the move seems to be a puzzle for fans and the Kardashian family.





Kanye’s recently displayed interest in art may point towards his potential move. He’s been posting wildly on Instagram recently (79 posts in 8 days). Starting with quick sketches that are captioned with things like “buildings inside the hill in Columbia” and “at dinner with Maruice Armitage in Colombia.” He also posted videos of himself lecturing an unknown audience. He previously made a claim that he would teach a course at the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art, but the SAIC denied it. But we’re all still #confused.


Following sketches and videos, ye posted screenshots of super deep text convos. They refer to previous posts where he is seen reading the dictionary (with highlights and everything like ooookay dude), which, according to a previous post is to allow him to “manifest world peace.”



In the end, no real conclusions can be made the move to Chicago, but Kanye seems definitely to be in a ~creative~ space (and maybe not a space where he should be taken too seriously). Love you though Kanye-you always keep us guessing!