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Brady Mathieson: Class of 2018

Name: Brady Mathieson 
Major: Computer Science 
Year: As fresh as they come
Hometown: Lincolnshire, IL
Relationship Status: Single
Clubs involved in on campus: Kappa Theta Pi (where I tech) and SHEI Magazine (where I photo)
Fun fact: As both a lover of travel and television, I visited Australia and New Zealand over holiday break to recreate the stops they made on the Amazing Race.
Her Campus: How is your freshman year going? How do you balance being involved in so many different activities?
Brady Mathieson: It was definitely hard at first to adjust to such a big school, but as I joined clubs the huge university became smaller and smaller! I love the diversity of people I’m interacting with day by day, and always end the day with a smile on my face.
HC: What was the first date you ever went on?
BM: We snuck into an R-rated movie and ate two boxes of Sour Patch Kids. The movie was awful and there was no second date, but there WAS a lot of candy. Ah middle school…
HC: What qualities do you look for in a significant other?
BM: I definitely look for a sense of humor above all else. Also, it’s important that the person is a good listener, as well as a contributor to conversation. Watching a lot of Netflix, quoting The Office, and tolerating my ramen noodle obsession is only an added bonus.
HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
BM: Hopefully living in a foreign country working in an innovative business and managing to have someone (and a cat) to sleep next to me at night.
HC: What is your personal favorite Chicago food?
BM: PORTILLOS ABOVE ALL ELSE. Two hot dogs, a large cheese fry, and a large cake shake. The absolute essentials.
HC: Describe your perfect first date.
BM: Any activity that will allow me to embarrass myself as thoroughly as possible sounds perfect in my book.
HC: If you could have dinner with anyone from any time, fictional or non-fictional, who would they be and why?
BM: Pretty sure I would have to choose Taylor Swift. I have so many questions for her: Who are fakers, and why are they going to fake fake fake? How can loving someone be red? And, most importantly, why are you lying on the cold, hard ground?
Rebecca Lawson is the Managing Editor (former Editor in Chief) of Her Campus at the University of Michigan. She is a senior in the University of Michigan School of Information's new Bachelor of Science in Information program, and is also pursuing Michigan's Program in Entrepreneurship certificate. After graduation, she will be working as an Associate Consultant for Microsoft in the Seattle area. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @abovethelawson! And be sure to follow our chapter's Twitter and Instagram @hercampusumich!
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