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Bachelor Workout Game

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

As winter prolongs and the numbers of hour of daylight shrink, it becomes increasingly difficult to leave the warm confines of your room and go to the gym.


Fortunately, it is Bachelor season. With the surprisingly predictable and constant actions of the cast members, there is the great opportunity to turn watching reality tv into a chance for an awesome workout.


  1. A contestant says how attracted she is to the Bachelor – 10 sit ups


  1. Someone cries – 10 squats


  1. “Right reasons” is said – 10 jumping jacks


  1. A rose is mentioned – 10 push ups


  1. You cringe – 10 jumping jacks


  1. Kids or an ex are mentioned – 10 push ups


  1. A girl says “can I interrupt” – 10 burpees


  1. A girl complains about not having enough time with the Bachelor – 10 sit ups


  1. Someone kisses the Bachelor – 10 sit ups


  1. Chris Harrison asks someone how they are feeling – 10 squats


You’re welcome for getting your  spring break body ready. Happy binging!

Images courtesy of: Girl on the Move Blog