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Anushka Sarkar: President of EMERGE Party Running for CSG

This week, Her Campus sat down with Anushka Sarkar, the president of EMERGE, a political party that consists of a diverse group of students running for positions in this upcoming year’s Central Student Government. She is a Junior in LSA studying Political Science, Statistics, and the History of Law and Policy. Her goal—and the goal of EMERGE—is to ensure that all student voices are heard and represented to the highest level possible.


Her Campus: How did you first get involved with Central Student Government?

Anushka Sarkar: I first got involved my Sophomore Year with the executive committee for Central Student Government (CSG) as the chief programming officer, where I served as a liaison between the students and the executive committee and the president. I learned about the position from David Schafer who is the current CSG President, but was an LSA representative at that time. I applied and got the position.


HC: What do you find most exciting about campaign season?

AS: My favorite part about campaign season is meeting everyone that I may not have otherwise interacted with. Even within just the party there are 100 new people who you probably haven’t met before. You become very close with people within three weeks because you all work so closely together and towards a common goal. Even campaigning with student organizations or on the diag you meet people you have never met before. Those five to ten minute interactions prove to be really meaningful when you look back at it.


HC: What initiative are you most passionate about?

AS: I am really excited about the PTS (Parking and Transportation) Work Study. It will work on expanding programs already in place like safe ride and improving walking home safely at night. The programs currently in place like Safe Ride, or those that existed in the past. like Night Owl haven’t been enough. We want to make a work study group where students can be “uber drivers” and be called through PTS or the Michigan app so that student requesting rides have a better sense of who they are calling. I believe that consider the rise in crime lately on campus this is important.


HC: Why did you decide to run for president?

AS: I didn’t want to run for a long time – I’ve seen two administrations and was apart of Cooper’s in 2015. I also worked with David Schafer and Micah Griggs and saw how much work it is to be president. It is a huge responsibility to be the top representative for all students. It scared me. People always told me I had to look a certain way or be a part of a certain community to even run and that held me back because I thought I couldn’t win. After I talked to people in my life whose opinion I valued, I realized that this was the only time I could do something like this and represent students to the highest level possible. I have worked really hard to put student’s interest first. Also, I did not want to regret not having tried and look back in five years worrying about what student government could of been and what I could have been. If you know you are qualified and the best person for the job you should go for it. but I thought I would sound too confident so I had stepped aside a lot for other people to take leadership positions. This was the first time in my life I decided to say I was the best fit and go for it.


HC: What’s one fun fact about yourself?

AS: I love to make guacamole! It is one of my few skills. I always make it and give it to my friends if they have a bad day!

Anushka’s main goal is to serve the needs of her fellow peers and students – so catch her on the Diag in the next few weeks to hear more about the campaign or if you have any questions!


Photo Courtesy of Benji Bear Photography

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