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Ann Arbor’s Presidential Week

Wednesday, April 2nd was a day filled with presidential appearances for Ann Arbor. University of Michigan’s outgoing president Mary Sue Coleman was awarded the Golden Apple’s Award for University Leadership alongside Professor Victor Lieberman, this year’s winner of the Golden Apple Award for Outstanding Teaching. Rackham Auditorium was filled with supportive and thankful staff and students who listened as President Coleman shared her thoughts on her role as a leader.

Past tradition has only awarded one Golden Apple Award each year, for Outstanding Teaching, but President Coleman’s dedication to U of M deserved a more concrete honor of recognition. Of course, beloved and respected Professor Lieberman gave his ideal last lecture, which left the audience in awe of his astounding wealth of knowledge and insight. Having President Coleman honored alongside Professor Lieberman was a treat for those in attendance.

During her speech, President Coleman mentioned that earlier in the day, United States President Barack Obama, had made his 3rd visit to U of M since his election in 2008. News of the President’s arrival had rocked the campus when it was announced over the previous weekend. When it was revealed that only 1,000 tickets were being handed out to attend his speech about raising the federal minimum wage, dedicated students started lining up outside the Union early Monday night. Those in line camped out overnight for their chance to get tickets, which were being handed out the following morning. Students who were lucky enough to procure a ticket waited in line again, but this time for the doors of the Intramural Building to open at noon so that they could get prime seating for the 3 pm speech. Those who weren’t waiting in line or in class may have gotten a chance to see the President when he visited the famous Zingerman’s Delicatessen.

Needless to say, it was a weekend of Presidential prestige for Ann Arbor! 

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