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8 Things You NEED to Know About the UMICH CSG Elections

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

1.     The two largest parties running are Make Michigan and forUM.

2.     You can vote “ticket” meaning that you will choose every candidate for one specific party, or you can pick and choose. You do have the option to find your preferred candidates and then vote ticket, thus giving those candidates an advantage in the “weighted” vote system.   

3.     You can vote for your representatives from LSA, Nursing, Business, Engineering, Architecture, Law, Music Theater and Dance, Pharmacy, Medicine, Public Policy, and Kinesiology, as well as the executive positions like President and VP.

4.     Each one of those representatives has THEIR OWN ideas and platforms. Check out their facebook pages for more info.

5.     The Make Michigan platform is focused around “five pillars” -student-focused, safe, diverse, healthy and innovative.”

6.     forUM emphasizes bridging the gap between CSG and students. They use the term “empowerment” to describe how they want UM students to feel about the action they can take here at school.

7.     Both of these campaigns have ideas that won’t be heard unless YOU listen. So this Monday, March 23rd, go to the debate and see who you want to be representivng you in your government.

8.     You are NOT choosing between the ability to communicate and be involved with your student government OR the ability to live in a healthy and innovative environment. We all want the best for our beloved school, because we all want to remember who the real enemy is…