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7 Trends You’ll Want to Be Rocking this Spring

Spring has almost sprung and that means not only the blooming of flowers, but also of fashion! Here are 7 trends I believe are going to be all the rave this spring!


These newsboy-esque caps are so in right now. They immediately add a bit of oomph to any outfit, whether it be jeans and a cute blouse or a faux-leather skirt and sweater. I promise you this style hat will  really add to your ensemble. I think it is especially cute to wear when taking the day to explore a city and of course getting those Instagram- worthy pics to show off your chic outfit.


Ah, the creme-de-la creme of hats: the beret is back, baby! While it used to be known as a cheesy look that American’s sported when visiting Paris (I am very guilty of this), the beret has now come back to revive your look. If you’re in doubt that the beret has made a comeback, check out the popular page on Instagram or any fashion account, and I promise you will see some super cute girls rocking this stylish hair accessory.

Matching Blazer and Shorts

The other day I was scrolling through Revolve and found a surprising amount of matching blazers and shorts. And to be honest, I am really into it. Pair a patterned blazer with its matching short and throw a basic high neck top underneath for a look that is sure to turn heads.

Cropped Jackets

This particular trend I am very enthusiastic about because I am five ft tall so everything is too long on me.  I have been looking for cropped jackets for so long and recently I walked into Forever 21 in New York and found dozens of cropped jacket; you could say I was in heaven.


Fuzzy Jackets

This could be my favorite trend so far. While most people don’t wear their fuzzy jacket out and about, fuzzy jackets have been flying off the shelves lately. We girls love to watch a good movie, do some homework or take a nice nap in this blanket-like attire.. I mean how could you not love a good fuzzy jacket??


Fun Jeans

What’s a better way to spice up your life (+wardrobe) then with some fun jeans! Patterned jeans, flare jeans, fringe jeans. jeans with stripes on the side, you name it, these jeans are in!

Cat eye sunglasses

True story: in seventh grade I got a pair of cat eye sunglasses and everyone made fun of me. But who’s laughing now that cat-eyes are all the rave. Just look at Gigi and Kourtney if you want to see how to sport this feline, fearless eyewear.


These are some of the new trends coming your way this spring. Do you know which look you’ll be rocking?

Images courtesy of: @oliviaculpo instagram, revolve.com, and @hellomolly instagram

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