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The 7 Spooky Stages of Going Through a Haunted House

Spooky season is upon us, and it simply wouldn’t be complete without a trip to a haunted house. Haunted houses are a roller coaster of emotions. Some find it thrilling, I, on the other hand, ask myself why I put myself through the stress of it every year. October is in full swing, so here are the stages of going through a haunted house:


  1. Excitement

Getting ready to head to a haunted house is the most exciting part. Halloween and all things spooky are the best part of October! You’re not sure what part of paying to be scared seems fun, but it seems like a thrill.


  1. Nerves

Waiting in line is when things really get spooky. The anticipation heightens and your

nerves kick in. Huge haunted houses often have people dressed up and scaring people in line. One minute you’re checking your phone and the next you’re face to face with a man with a bloody face and a chainsaw. Constantly looking behind your shoulder to make sure demons aren’t breathing down your neck would make anyone nervous, right?


  1. Denial

Once you’ve made it through the line it’s time to put on a brave face and enter the haunted house. You slap on a smile and convince yourself you aren’t scared. Me, scared? Never.


  1. Screams

When you finally open your eyes after a few minutes of blindly holding on to your friends hand, you can’t help but let out an ear piercing scream at the first thing that pops out of the dark.


  1. Keeping it cool

You yet again convince yourself you aren’t scared. It’s not so bad if you keep your eyes closed.  Definitely don’t look behind you…



Well you turned around, heard the chainsaws start, and now need to RUN out of the haunted house.


  1. Relief

“Oh that wasn’t so bad,” you lie to yourself. Deep down you know you are NEVER doing this again. Or at least until next year’s spooky season rolls around.

Hannah is a sophomore at the University of Michigan hoping to major in organizational studies with an entrepreneurship minor.
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