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6 Single-Girl Reasons NOT to Dread this Valentine’s Day

Listen up. Don’t spend ANY time feeling bad for yourself for lack of a significant other this Valentine’s Day. Nobody cares and nobody wants to be around that girl. You’ll have plenty of coupled Valentine’s Days when you’re married and in your late twenties. Ew. Here’s why you should be living up single life this February 14th:


1.    It’s Saturday night.

There’s no reason to stay in and sulk on the couch all night. We’re at Michigan and on any given night there’s a million places to be. Grab your girls, throw on some mascara, and go out.

2.    Even if you do choose to stay in, there are a few men we know who will never leave us.

Thank you Mr. Jack Daniels and Captain Morgan for your relentless loyalty. We know you’re always here for us. (Side note: Franzia is an acceptable substitute so long as you’re still in college.)

3.    Nobody will judge you if you drown your loneliness in chocolate and ice cream.

Two more men that will also never leave you: Ben and Jerry.


4.    You may be single, but so are these beauties:


Until there is a ring on these fingers, these men are still on the market (Though I’m still having trouble getting over George Clooney). Hey, anything can happen.

5.    Your mom will forever be your best valentine.

Shout out to you, Mom, for buying anything and everything pink in CVS and shipping it across the country. Even Prince Charming couldn’t top those completely pointless goodies.


6.    Starting Sunday morning, candy in every drugstore is 75% off.

Remember ladies; Valentine’s Day marks two weeks until spring break. Save your money and hit the CCRB. #sorrynotsorry

Photos courtesy of Google Images, Betches Love This, and Giphy

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