5 Trendy, Functional Sneakers You Can Actually Wear This Winter

While some say diamonds are a girl's’ best friend, in my book, fashionable sneakers are. Today, they are an essential part of most people’s wardrobe. And for a good reason. Not only are they functional and comfortable, but the right pair can absolutely enhance and potentially be the statement piece of your entire outfit. But, the worst part about sneakers is knowing they are going to hibernate for the entire winter. However, look no further because here are 5 functional, trendy sneakers you can ACTUALLY wear this winter without slipping in the snow or freezing your feet.

1. Puma X Fenty Cleated Creeper Shoes 

Just by the mere fact that these sneakers are a Puma-Rihanna collab, without even looking at them, you know they are going to be cutting edge. And, in fact, they are. The shoes, which come in various colors, including the most popular “sand,” are low-top, platform, suede sneakers. Not only that, but the shoes are cleated platform sneakers, which means they have great traction for walking in the snow. That feature combined with the rubber-platform insoles, which ensure that your feet won’t get wet make these an ideal snow sneaker.  Pair them with a pair warm socks and you have the perfect winter kick game. Find them here

2. Diemme Sneaker Boots 

Diemme, if you haven’t already heard of it, is an up and coming, high end Italian shoe brand that caters to both men and women. Their shoes range from classic high top sneakers to more durable boots. They have a wide array of options ranging from Chelsea boots to lace up sneaker boots that are available in several different colors and materials such as leather, snakeskin, suede. The best part about Diemme’s winter sneakers are that they are warm and fully waterproof to avoid any issues with ruining your brand new, favorite pair of kicks. Find them here

3. Rag and Bone Fur Sneakers 

Rag and Bone, while they are known for their luxury jeans, also makes several other products, one of which is a variety of simple sneakers. While all of them are to-die for, their “Kent” shoes are an amazing winter sneaker. These shoes are the epitome of an edgy take on a typical high top sneaker, from the inside to the outside. The shoe has an insole entirely lined white soft fur and the outer part of the shoe is finished off with a double velcro strap on the front part of the foot. Although the suede may not be the best material to showcase in the snow, these shoes are still the perfect staple for a freezing, windy winter day. Find them here

4. Adidas by Stella McCartney UltraBoot X 

These Adidas and Stella McCartney partner shoes are undoubtedly a show stopper. They are extra high, black and metallic detailed, knit high-top sneakers that closely hug your ankle. Because of this unique feature, they are the perfect warm winter sneaker to pair with a pair of patterned leggings and a cute sweatshirt to top off a chic athleisure look. While these Adidas brand shoes are my favorite of this style, other companies such as Zara make slightly cheaper, yet just as fashionable pairs, which you can find here. Get the Stella x Adidas ones here, though.

5. Vince Chelsea Boot Sneakers 

Even though Chelsea boots have been around for ages, since the Victorian era to be specific, they are making a comeback. While Chelsea boots come in hundreds of different styles, colors, materials, and variations, all Chelsea boots are distinctly a low cut slip-on boot with an elastic band on the side. Put more simply, they are clean, classic, effortless, and convenient. Vince makes a spin-off sneaker version of the Chelsea boot, which look like a typical Chelsea boot, but are complete with rubber sneaker like insoles. Because of their slip on and off feature and the warmth, Vince’s shoes are the perfect shoes for a lazy, chilly winter day. Find them here and also find a more affordable look alike here.

Images courtesy of: Diemme Footwear, ASOS, Rag and Bone, Bandier, and Vince, Kicks On Fire