5 Reasons Punta Cana is the Best Spring Break Destination

Sadly this year’s spring break has come to an end, but if you are not a graduating senior, you have more to look forward to in the upcoming years! This break, I was lucky enough to travel to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Let me tell you, it was absolutely stunning!

Here are 5 reasons why Punta Cana is a wonderful place to vacation:

1. The beaches are beautiful​​​

It’s the Caribbean! How could the beaches not be beautiful?! The water is a clear light blue, the sand clean and soft, the palm trees perfectly scattered across the island, and the            ocean a perfect temperature for swimming. What more could you ask for?

2. The night life is amazing

The clubs I went to in Punta Cana were incredibly fun every single time! Some popular clubs I visited were Imagine, Oro, and Coco Bong. If there is one club you must experience, it’s Coco Bongo. Imagine Vegas, but in the beautiful Dominican Republic. 

3. High of 80, low of 70

As someone who goes to school in the Midwest, 80-degree days are exactly what I need over break. Who doesn't love a vacation where you don’t need to pack a jacket?

4. Dominican music is popping

Whether you are at a night club or just strolling on the beach, the background music playing will keep you smiling. I now have an entire Spotify playlist consisting solely of Dominican music.

4. The food

This goes without saying. Paella served on the beach? Sign me up! There is nothing better than being able to eat delicious authentic food in a foreign country. Punta Cana did not fall short regarding that aspect of the trip!

Punta Cana may not have been as wild and crazy as Puerto Vallarta, but it was calm and relaxing. Plus, I got to come back to snowy Ann Arbor with a sweet tan!

Images Courtesy of: Coco Bongo, Living Gold Travel, and Chloe Wallach