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5 Fun Workouts to Try On Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

As we embark on our last month of school, it is important to remember to stay healthy. We all know the tumultuous impact finals have on our schedules, but it is essential to find the right balance between studying and relaxing. A great way to de-stress while also preparing your bod for summer is exercising.

Going to the gym can get boring fast, so my solution is GO TO CLASS! Workout classes are great because they are lead by an instructor who makes sure the workout is complete. Classes also go by a lot faster than just running on a treadmill for 45 min! There are many different options for workout classes close to campus, including spin, yoga, barre classes, zumba, pilates, and many more.

Spinning classes are all the rage with SoulCycle leading the current workout trend. These classes are great for people who want to be motivated, but also control their own pace. Real Ryder Revolution is a great studio close to campus.

Yoga classes are also a great work out and stress reliever. Yoga also reduces anxiety. There are many variations of yoga as well, such as hot yoga where you can sweat away your stress. There are numerous yoga studios on State Street.

Barre classes are great for toning. The class is mostly conducted at a ballet barre. Some studios also combine barre classes with cardio, making an even better work out. Barre Bee Fit and Pure Barre are two studios near campus.

Zumba is the workout for all you dancers out there. It’s an upbeat, fast-paced class that flies by! Zumba classes are offered at the CCRB.

Pilates focuses on strengthening your core. It improves your muscle tone and posture. Pilates are also offered at the CCRB.


Make sure to find some time in your busy schedules to get active with one of these awesome workout classes!