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5 Essential Movies for the Ultimate Girl’s Night

From awkwardly hilarious coming-of-age comedies to sappy high school romances, the ultimate girl’s movie night has endless options. Whether it is a drama, comedy, or romantic love story, the classic chick flicks are easily relatable and perfect for any night spent hanging with your girlfriends. With yummy movie snacks (my go-to ones being starbursts and buttery popcorn) and cozy blankets to share with your cuddly best friends, all that’s left to do is choose a movie! To narrow down the infinite options, here’s a list of my top 5 favorites. Watching any of these binge worthy movies guarantees a fun, girly night.  

  1. Pretty Woman

This timeless romantic comedy truly gives you all the right romantic feels and leaves you craving more. Starring in this movie is the alluring Julia Roberts who plays a Hollywood hooker and finds herself hired by Richard Gere, a wealthy businessman. While their relationship at first seems merely physical, these two characters prove that opposites attract and can, in fact, make the perfect duo. Featuring a feminist perspective on a lower class girl’s idealistic fantasy, this movie romanticizes and glamorizes the business of prostitution and how love can be found. As Julia portrays the confidently outspoken hooker Vivian, she emphasizes the agency of women and the idea that women can hold power in their romantic relationships rather than being forced to walk in the shadows of men. “Pretty Woman” exists as a classic film from the 90’s that encourages women’s empowerment and a woman’s right to unrestricted sexual expression. Notably, this feminist classic confronts female stereotypes, and displays the intriguing concept of finding love with an improbable candidate. If women can learn anything from this enthusing movie, it’s that we should not judge a book by its cover.

2. Clueless

While watching the seemingly fabulous, chic Beverly Hills lifestyle of Cher and her popular friends you typically find yourself gazing in awe at the movie screen. The depiction of daringly fashionable wardrobes, loyal friendships, and moments filled with endless laughter each work cohesively together to capture every viewer and draw them in more and more. Highlighting many relatable issues that all high school students face, this ultimate chick flick reveals the importance in having dependable best friends that will always be by your side to cheer you up. Cher’s enchantingly adorable personality and her urge to make the most out of her charmed life convey her as a truly admirable character and powerful female role model. Aside from Cher’s dramatics prevailing to enthrall the audience throughout the duration of the movie, her undeniable love for the geeky yet cute character Josh keeps the audience eagerly sitting at the edge of their seats till the very last scene.

3. The Notebook

I can honestly say that I have never been able to watch this movie without hysterically crying during the scene when Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling rekindle their one of a kind romance. This epic love story is irresistible to any teenage girl and allows every viewer to vicariously fulfill their dreams while watching Rachel and Ryan’s love story unfold in the most satisfying way. The enviable and destined love in this movie sets unbelievably high expectations and is potentially the reason why girls will never be satisfied in any of their future romantic relationships. Despite the envy that one can’t help but to experience when watching, it’s ultimately impossible to refrain yourself from clicking “play” no matter how many times you’ve seen it. “The Notebook” is the perfect movie to watch whenever you’re doubting the existence of true love and od course whenever you want to stare at Ryan Gosling for two hours.4.  Bridesmaids

Having a bad day and need something to cheer you up? Here’s a simple suggestion, watch Bridesmaids! This movie will literally leave you on the floor laughing uncontrollably as you find yourself grasping for air and a moment to breathe. This go to comedy goes beyond the typical chick flick and features an empowering female cast that audaciously contests the typical image of the perfect bridesmaids.Instead of acting as the lady-like bridesmaids that are unwaveringly dependable, these women liberatingly expose the insanity behind bridal parties and the essence behind bridesmaids gone wild. Staggeringly displaying that not all women are sophisticated, composed Barbie dolls, but contrarily that women can have bold opinions and wild personalities.  Additionally, the storyline of the main character Annie adds a sense of realness to the film while reflecting the harsh reality that although there are difficult turning points in life, everyone has the opportunity to make a positive change and turn any bad path around. Watch this movie and you will find yourself satisfied to the fullest with laughs, tears, and inspirations.5. Mean Girls

It is very likely that I can quote every line from this movie as I have probably seen it at least 50 times. “Mean Girls” is the epitome of a high school girl’s actual nightmare in the absolutely best way possible while guaranteeing boundless laughs. The movie humorously captures every high school stereotype ever imagined and dissects the built in social hierarchy present in the society of high school. The surprisingly realistic narrative created in this epic film ensures that most girls can find themselves relating to one character or another. While showing the struggle that most teenagers encounter in high school while dealing with gossip, cliques, and mean girls, this movie reveals that in the end all that matters is finding your true crowd. Aside from this movie’s blunt humor and many sexual references, it also addresses the idea that despite the petty drama most individuals face, each person ultimately finds their intended place and a group of genuine people.


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