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3 Tips to Keep You Motivated in Pursuing Your Career in a Male-Dominated Industry

When I have the conversation with someone about what I want to do with my Communications major the answer flows easily for me, “I want to work in the Sports Industry, preferably in broadcasting or social media and PR.” I’ve had this idea of working in this industry ever since I was a Junior in high school and once I got to the University of Michigan, I engrossed myself into clubs and my Communications classes with the end goal (hopefully) only four years away.

            Going into my Sophomore year I knew I had to start getting my resume finalized and begin reaching out to people regarding internships. Complete stress washed over me as the thoughts of being unprepared crept into my head. I didn’t know the complete history of the NFL nor could I tell you who was the head coach of the NCAA Championship basketball team in 1972 (which I could now tell you after a quick google search is John Wooden, coach of the UCLA Bruins). I felt weak and inept for my impending future that I thought was my dream. Maybe my dream wasn’t tangible, and I should give up while I was ahead.

            Then I was once again surrounded by my peers and fellow sports enthusiasts who gave me the spark I needed. I wrote and got in front of the camera feeling the support from my friends I have made in the past year. “You got this,” they’d tell me. Yeah, you’re right I do.

            For the past two months and counting I have tried to retain all the tips and tricks I can to help me one day achieve my dream. Those are great and everything, but I’m here to give you three tips to keep you moving throughout all the doubts and obstacles one faces going into a male-dominated industry such as Sports.

  1. Have the mindset of equality with a chip on your shoulder– Walk into every room with the thought that you are just as good as every other male there but compete to show you’re the best. There’s no shame in researching before you go to present or get in front of the camera, it’s necessary. You might feel like sometimes men already know the facts, and maybe they do, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t know them too. It just might take some prior work. To carry yourself with the energy that you’re there for a reason will do wonders for you. Not only for your confidence, but also for the way you present your ideas and do your job in general. Get confident babe!
  2. Speak up– Don’t be intimidated to share your ideas and solutions. No idea is a bad idea, and no one is going to think it’s dumb just because you’re a woman. You’re a smart woman and if you think it’s a good idea, just say it. There’s no harm in putting it out there. Your coworkers want to hear your ideas as much as the next person and nothing should come in the way of you speaking your mind. Get those fun, creative comments out there for everyone to hear.
  3. Find support in your coworkers– It is so incredibly important to have a support system and what better support system than the people you work with every day. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you’re nervous about because most of the time they’re also nervous about it. You guys should be working as a team, which means that you all have each other’s backs. My greatest nerves killer is talking to one of my coworkers or peers and having them let me know it’s going to be okay. You should not have to go through anything alone and having someone to walk with you through the work day or job event makes everything feel a lot less scary.


At the end of the day remember, you can do anything you can set your mind to and take to mind one of my favorite quotes- “She believed she could, so she did.”

A sophomore at the University of Michigan studying Communications and Digital Studies.
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