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13 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Watching Trainwreck


1.  Amy literally wears heels in every scene. How does she not have blisters all over her feet?

2.  Why isn’t day drinking allowed? Amy is a day drinker and she can pull it off.

3.  Watching Amy party now suggests she was probably the life of the party in college.

4.  A Staten Island one-night stand? That’s one long walk of shame.

5.  Are they actually having sex right now?

6.  YES, Lebron James you’re the man. I need my Downton Abbey fix too.

7.  Oh god no… Amy don’t do it, don’t hookup with Donald the intern!


8.  Wow, she wears a lot of short skirts but damn, her legs look great.

9.  Tilda Swinton’s accent is fabulous.

10.  If Nikki, Amy’s co-worker, laughs awkwardly one more time, I swear I’ll slap her.

11.  Aaron is nerdy but he’s like a ‘cute’ nerd. I want one.

12.  This movie is so funny… I can’t breathe.

13.  Amy might not be flawless but I kind of wanna be her.


Images courtesy of: Giphy, Tumblr, Media Stinger.

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