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The 10 Types of People You Find in the Library

At a school that works hard and plays even harder, the library is always full and just as much of a scene as Skeeps on a Thursday night. While it is meant to be a place of academics, some students concentrate more on the people around them than on their books.


I know you know someone who fits each one of these categories, so here is a list of the 10 types of people you find in the library:

1. The Facebook Stalker

You know who these people are: the ones who study peoples’ timelines more than they study their textbooks. And yes, we can all see who you are stalking. But, I do agree, Facebook is a little addictive and a good source of procrastination.

2. The Social Butterfly

The social butterflies are the ones who come to the library just for the scene. They walk around in circles, hit up Bert’s at least three times a day, and are constantly talking. They typically hang out on the second floor where it’s just as loud as they are. They might never have their head in a book, but their eyes are always glued to the door to see who will walk in next.

3. The Ref Rat


The graduate library: a place where only a few graduate students are actually found. There’s a right side and a left side; whichever side you go on is your choice, but there are definitely people who never leave. I wonder if they bring a sleeping bag and stay there over night sometimes. The ref room is usually pretty silent, a pretty good scene, and a pretty place to study.

4. The Study Bug

They come to the library to study. Shocking, right? These people are probably found in the stacks or on the third floor where they are not easily distracted. They actually get their work done. Power to them!

5. The Loud Talker 

The people who love to chitchat can sometimes be the best source of gossip at this school. But in a silent library, the loud talker is not always welcome. 

6. The Eater

The people who bring a five-course meal to the library. We get that you need to eat when you are studying, but when your food smells (Chipotle), I would advise you to not eat it in the library. Instead, stick with something that does not have an odor or a loud crunch.

7. The “Shusher”

These are the ones who always come over and tell you that you are being too loud. But no one really likes a shusher; they should probably relocate to the Law Library. 

8. The Loud Typer

The people who type so loudly that it sounds like their computer is about to break. 

9. The Music Player

For our sake and for the sake of your hearing, please turn your music down! No one wants to listen to your music, especially when it is heavy metal.

10. The Sleeper

The people who take a snooze in the library. We get it, a long night of studying is tiring, but I always want to ask if they find those wooden tables comfortable. 


Which one are you?


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