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10 Style Resolutions for 2015



1. Spice it up: Always wanted to try that peplum skirt? Or what about those chic black booties? Then don’t be afraid to spice it up with your fashion in 2015! Test out your favorite trends and mix up your style.


2. Be thrifty: In 2015, head to the nearest thrift store, Goodwill, or secondhand shop for some stylish pieces. Gems are always hiding in thrifty places, so don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone when it comes to shopping.


3. … But not too thrifty: Ever wonder why all of your clothes are literally falling apart at the seams? If so, then 2015 is your year to score some high-quality clothing. Forever 21 and H&M may seem like great stores for some cheap pieces, but don’t forget to splurge every now and again for a truly beautiful article of clothing.


4. Be bold: Be bright, be brave, be bold. 2015 is not the time to shy away from great fashion. So swap out those dreary greys with bright colors, fashionable prints, and everything bold!


5. Quit your shopping addiction: Have you been labeled as an impulse-buyer in your family or group of friends? Are you constantly craving the thrill of a shopping spree? In 2015, cut this addiction and instead attempt to limit yourself to shopping for only important or special occasions.


6. Become an investment-shopper: Instead of constantly repurchasing a new pair of cheap sneakers every nine months, look for a pair that will stick with you for years. As an investment-shopper in 2015, you’ll be happier with your purchases and will save money in the long run!


7. Dress your age: A new year means you’re getting older and need to start dressing like it. So next time you’re shopping, swap a mini skirt for a nice blazer or dress pants in order to prepare yourself for internships, a career, and the professional world as a whole.


8. Be comfortable: Why torture yourself with those terrible, blister-inducing heels for any longer? In 2015, choose stylish and sensible! There are always more comfortable clothing options that are just as fashionable.


9. Learn to share: Whether you live in a dorm, apartment, sorority house, or home, your roommates (and their closets) are perfect for fashion inspiration. So open your drawers, armoires, and hearts, and learn to share clothes with your friends and family in 2015.


10. Be confident: With a new year and new fashion comes a new you! No matter what you wear, if you’re confident with your style then you’re sure to rock every outfit! So get ready for your most fashionable year yet!


Image courtesy of Charlene Chua.

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