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UMB Spring Ball: A Night of Extravagance at Venezia Restaurant

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Boston chapter.

Readers, give me the pleasure of taking you away to one of the most enchanting events I experienced this year—the spring ball held at the Venezia restaurant. The event took place April 19 from 7 p.m. to 12 p.m. and was hosted by the university of Massachusetts Boston. This event was full of celebration, elegance, fun, and was used as one of many chances to celebrate and say goodbye to our seniors.

Imagine this: You enter a ballroom with dim lights and glittering lights, creating a warm glow on everyone’s skin. The air is filled with laughter and music, there’s not a single person unhappy. The meals are waiting to be savored, and the dance floor is waiting to be danced on. You have a splendid time with your friends (or date), and if you show up all alone, no worries, new friendships will be formed. If you missed this year’s annual spring ball, I’m here to convince you why this event should be on your agenda for next April and most importantly your senior year.

Let’s start off with the ticket price of course. Presale tickets were $30 for graduating students (senior treat!) and $35 after presale. Every student had a limit of purchasing two tickets and outside guests were allowed. Rides from the JFK/UMass station were also provided by the university’s campus shuttles to the restaurant and back. Tickets were set at a reasonable price without breaking the bank too much. Now isn’t this small investment for an extravagant night definitely worth it?

Wait, there’s more! Let’s not forget the food. This year’s menu consisted of succulent steak, juicy turkey, red rich cranberry sauce, gravy, and different types of salads. Would the menu be complete without dessert? An entire table was dedicated to different types of cheeses, crackers, fruits, an array of pastries such as Boston’s famous cannoli’s, mousse, cream stuffed puff pastries, and more! There was something for everyone’s taste buds to enjoy. Did I mention this was all complimentary as well as the soda?! And yes, it was all you can eat.

If you needed a drink other than water or soda, no worries, there was a small bar at the main entrance. Prices ranged from $7 for beer up to $15 for other cocktails such as the tequila sunrise. These are standard prices for all alcoholic beverages in the area, but the real highlight of the party was the atmosphere. The spring ball did not stop at free food and drinks, there was also free activities! Memories could be captured with the free instant photo booth and 360-degree video camera. Didn’t get a good picture or video the first time? No worries! You could take as many pictures and videos you wanted! The restaurant is located on a waterfront and has a stunning gazebo for even more memories to be captured at. The night gave many opportunities to capture memories, laughter, and fun with your friends!

So, why should you put the spring ball on your agenda for your senior year? It’s simple, the night is made to celebrate you and all your accomplishments! The spring ball gives you a chance to forget about homework assignments and other worries for one night. It gives you the chance to wear an elegant ballroom outfit and have an exciting night with your friends and other seniors while creating memories that will last a lifetime. It’s an event that should not be missed!

Gabriela Romero

U Mass Boston '24

Pre-med track. Umass Boston cheerleading. My favorite animal are budgies :)