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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Boston chapter.

With the holiday season just around the corner, it may feel a little overwhelming. I know for me, around this time is when I start thinking about all the gifts I want to get people. Sometimes it’s easier for me to look for the gift first, then match it to a person. A perfect day to start your holiday shopping is on Black Friday. 

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. After you’re done eating some turkey and apple pie, get some rest and get ready to head to the stores for some deals. The great thing is that now you don’t have to wait until Black Friday to shop deals. Many businesses and companies have already put their deals online. Some stores in person have also already started with their Black Friday deals. Stores that already have their deals are Walmart and Target. These are classic stops for your holiday shopping. Thinking about buying a home appliance as a housewarming gift? Walmart has up to 50 percent off on certain kitchen ware. Walmart is a place where you can find something for everyone.

Look out for Target’s “Deal of the day.” Target has certain deals that only occur on certain days. One day of the week, they may have a deal on certain Apple products in the technology department. It’s okay if you have something in mind as a gift idea for someone, browse around the store and find some gift sets. Target has many gifts sets in the beauty area. Some of the kits this year are $10 sets of lip gloss, makeup sets, face mask sets, and many self-care and skin care sets. While your shopping, don’t feel guilty if you want some of these gift sets for yourself (I sure want some!). It’s the holiday season; I always like to say treat yourself!

Amazon is a classic stop when shopping for yourself and others. Really search for the items that you’re interested in on Amazon. They add deals on certain items and they will notify you if the price changes. If you know someone who’s into makeup and feeling luxurious, stop by Sephora for their gift sets. A popular gift set that always makes its way around each season is Sephora collection fragrance sets. For both men and women there are different high-end fragrance’s (usually their travel size) for a great value. Makeup and skincare sets from certain brands are worth it. Full size products in gift sets are always worth its value.

If you’re someone who likes to see the things you buy in person first, then let me help you prepare for in-person shopping on Black Friday. Whether you’re someone who wants to be there as soon as the stores open or just stroll into the mall at whichever time of the day, always go with a game plan. Have an idea of the store and items you want at each store. Before even stepping into the mall, mentally prepare. I recommend going to the stores at least four hours before they close. Keep in mind that the store may be messy since this day is very intense for retail. Going with enough time still provides you to shop at your own pace. Another good thing to help you on Black Friday is to have a preset budget. Once you’re in the stores you may feel overwhelmed. You see all the deal and may want to get everything you see. That’s why a budget will help you keep in mind what you should or shouldn’t buy.

Overall Black Friday is a day with many deals and opportunities to buy gifts. But don’t get discouraged if you miss Black Friday deals, because those same places are going to have Cyber Monday deals! There will always be an opportunity to do your holiday shopping while saving some coins!

Betty Jiminian

U Mass Boston '25

Betty Jiminian is the treasurer at the Her Campus at UMass Boston. She is in the College of Management hoping to go into the accounting field after she graduates. During her free time she likes to explore the city of Boston either alone or with a group of friends. She enjoys cooking and baking, to learn new recipes.