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How To Reconnect With Your Mom In Your 20s

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Boston chapter.

Mother’s Day can be a tough topic for some people who might not feel that connected to their mom. I would know, as I used to be one of them. For a lot of my teenage years, I thought I was “too cool” for my parents, as a lot of teenagers do. Looking back, it was sad because my mom was my best friend as a kid. It was like I shut her out of my life for some time once I got to a certain age. I feel like a lot of children do this though, which is why I decided to write this article. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how cool of a person my mom actually is. I realized that she was my built-in best friend at one point in time, and I wanted to rekindle that friendship with her. I did end up doing this, but not until later on in my teenage years. So this article is for all of the people who might be in the same position as I was in at one point. I want to tell you how I reconnected with my mom and how you can too.

One way that I restored our relationship was just by talking. My mom and I used to talk all of the time about random stuff that happened in our week, or just about stuff that we thought was cool. We actually found out that we have a lot of common interests by doing this. Do not be afraid to initiate conversation. More likely than not, your mom is going to want to talk to her own child because she loves you. By initiating conversation, or even just engaging in conversation, it shows that you are interested in the things she has to say. Now if you do not live at home anymore, you can still have conversations with your mom close to every day by FaceTime, or even text. Texting is a great everyday option to ask how each other’s days were and such. FaceTime is a great option as well, but not a lot of people have time for a daily FaceTime call with somebody. I usually FaceTime my mom one to three times a week to catch up on each other’s lives. I like FaceTiming because I get to see her face as well as hear her voice, so it feels a little more interactive.

Another way that I restored my relationship with my mom is by taking the time to have a day with her every once in a while. My mom and I love when we can take a day to do something that we both enjoy doing. Whether it’s shopping, going out to eat, or even just a simple movie night, my mom and I will always have fun doing whatever it is that we come up with. I love to hang out with her whenever I come home from school, but if you are not able to see your mom too often, then I would suggest doing something together virtually, whether it’s playing a video game or watching a movie at the same time. You can still have fun with your mom even if she is hundreds of miles away from you.

Finally, I restored my relationship with my mom by letting her know how much I love and cherish our relationship. This might honestly be one of the first things that I did to reconnect with my mom. You can let your mom know just how much you value your relationship with her by just straight up telling her. You can tell her how much you love her, how much you value your relationship with her, and even how much you appreciate her love for you. You can also give her a hug if you are comfortable. You could also do things for them, such as do chores, get her a gift, or even just send a funny TikTok that you know would make her day. I think that every mom would appreciate any one of these actions.

Wanting to reconnect with anybody is a challenge because you never know if the other person is going to want to reconnect with you as well. But I think that one of the beauties of reconnecting with any parent/guardian, especially a mom, is that they will most likely take their child back into their life at any time. My mom is one of the lights in my life that helps me keep going every single day. I love our relationship because I know I can be my most authentic self around her and she will not judge me for it. I know our relationship is strong, and I also know that will never change.

Alyson Gering

U Mass Boston '26

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