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10 Delicious Restaurants To Try During Your Next Outing In Boston

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As someone who has lived in Boston for the past three years, I have tried a plethora of restaurants throughout the city (and spent entirely too much money at them). But despite the city breaking my bank account, it holds so many places where you can try all different types of food that will make you want to come back for more. This has easily been one of the best parts about living in Boston, because prior to college I was not exposed to such a variety of food, and everyone should get to experience that as well! Not only do you have hundreds of choices, but you also can easily get to most of them via a train or bus.

I do want to give a disclaimer that most of these restaurants are in/near the Back Bay area, which can lean more on the pricier side, so always check the menu beforehand to gauge the amount you will or are willing to spend. Don’t forget to treat yourself sometimes though!

The following places are a mix of different vibes, foods, ambience, and areas that I have been to myself that I consider some of my favorites. In no particular order, I’ll let you know about what kind of atmosphere they have and a recommendation of what to get based off of my experience! I hope you enjoy and give them a try!

1. Wagamama

Starting off strong is this amazing Japanese restaurant that has two locations in Boston: The Prudential Center and Faneuil Hall. A comforting ambience with a lot of seating and lovely staff. The food here is something I crave 24/7, but especially on rainy days where I can enjoy a big serving of warm ramen. A pretty laid-back restaurant that is not too fancy and is always tasty no matter when you go. Perfect for the fall weather coming!

Recommendation: Chili Chicken Ramen or Steak Bulgogi

2. Rosa mexicano

Having only been here once, Rosa Mexicano most definitely left her mark. Right when you walk in you’re met with a cozy yet fun vibe! I happened to go around Valentine’s Day and they had the whole restaurant decked out in pink which was adorable to see. Barbie would have loved to get dinner back then, of course. Mexican cuisine has been a favorite of mine since I was little, and let me tell you… they are doing it RIGHT. Everything here is worth the money, you will not be disappointed! For being located in the Seaport District, it is reasonably priced as well.

Recommendation: Any of their tacos, truly. I got the birria quesatacos when I went!

3. Sonsie

Sonsie is most definitely a cute spot to go out to brunch with the girls! Located right on Newbury Street, it is so fun to go out to eat and then shopping afterwards with some of your favorite stores nearby. There’s a lot of seating inside (though it is quite cramped) but there are also tables towards the front, where you can look out onto the street and enjoy some sunshine! Perfect for people watching if you’re nosy like my friends and I. They have both dinner and brunch, but personally, I recommend the breakfast foods a bit more.

Recommendation: The Breakfast Sandwich

4. Mariel

If you are looking for an excuse to wear your favorite dress, get dolled up, and treat yourself to a more high-quality dinner, Mariel is most definitely for you. Walking into this restaurant and being seated felt like I was sitting in a castle ballroom… the aesthetics that they go for are beautiful. Darker lighting, comfortable seating, and delicious Cuban food. Like I mentioned, it is more pricy and upscale, so getting a few small plates is more than enough, but they were still filling! There is also an underground club that you can reserve a spot for and party!

Recommendation: Steak Churrasco or Fufú Gnocchi

5. Joe’S American Bar & Grill

I went here for the first time with my boyfriend for our six month anniversary and it has become a part of our top three restaurants we love! Another lovely dinner spot on Newbury Street, it has similar street view seats as Sonsie to enjoy, along with regular seating in a more dimly lit area. They have a decently sized menu, which I am grateful for, ranging from New England classics like a lobster roll to racks of ribs to pasta! They also have the most yummy appetizers ever… go run over and get some cheeseburger spring rolls and buffalo chicken dip!

Recommendation: The Cure Burger

6. Beacon Hill Books & Cafe

Okay I will be honest here… this is not a restaurant, sadly. But I know the girls will hear me out when I say this is THE most lovely café and bookstore in Beacon Hill. Not to mention: there are two or three whole floors of books on top of the café to browse and check out! It is decorated in such an elegant yet fun way, especially on the children’s floor where they have a tiny door for kids to walk through to another room. I spent a lot of time in the children’s section walking down memory lane and getting hit with waves of nostalgia. Unfortunately, I did not have the expenses to try the food in the café, but the tea and coffee got a stamp of approval from my friends and I.

Recommendation: Chamomile and BHB House Blend Black Tea

7. Milkweed

You have probably seen or heard about this place on TikTok with how popular it is. So of course, I immediately dragged my friends there to check it out! Their website alone showed me how aesthetic they are. If there is one place to go get brunch at, this is the place. A classic breakfast menu with all the staples you desire, along with a few different fruit and pancake/French toast combos that truly had my mouth watering when they placed it in front of me. Fresh berry pancakes, lucky charm pancakes, Nutella and strawberry French toast… WOW. The staff was friendly, and there are amazing sweet and savory options, so overall my experience was great!
Recommendation: Dutch Baby Pancake

8. Thai noodle bar

I don’t want the born and raised Boston people to attack me for putting this on here, but it is close enough to the city that I wanted to add it because it deserves some hype! This small Thai restaurant located in Quincy has phenomenal flavors and a large menu to choose from. My sister got me hooked onto their food a couple years ago and it is now a staple take-out food in my house! A wide variety of meats, fried rice, soups, and noodles to add to your next meal is waiting here for you. Not to mention, the story of how the owner started his cooking journey and making his way from Thailand to Boston is so endearing to hear. Highly recommend.

Recommendation: Tamarind Pork and Chicken Ka Prow

9. Citrus & salt

I’m sure it is obvious by now that I love brunch, and Citrus & Salt is another great spot to get just that. This Mexican restaurant near Back Bay has its own vibrant and coastal aesthetic that makes it so fun to enjoy a meal there. It definitely is attractive to the eye, and is a scene for younger people to hang out. They have an awesome mix of music as well that really sets the vibes in place more. Like I said, I do enjoy their brunch options a bit more than their lunch, but I still recommend everyone to try both! Their drink options combine well with the meals you get and truly make the ideal brunch outing.

Recommendation: Fresh Mango French Toast

10. Spring shabu-shabu

Though I said this list was in no specific order, I have to say I saved the best for last. Last year my best friend showed me this restaurant and let me tell you… it is my ultimate favorite place to eat. A Japanese-style hot pot, all you can eat buffet located near Allston is the perfect place to have dinner with friends, family, or partners. The buffet aspect of the dinner includes all of the vegetables, noodles, sides, sauces, and greens you can incorporate into your own hot pot. Your choice of broth, meat, and seafood is what you are paying for. A little pricey, but personally, I think with the buffet style, it is well worth it! To end the night, you get to have free soft serve ice cream as a sweet treat! There is regular vanilla and green tea matcha. Who doesn’t love that?

Recommendation: My go-to broth, meat, and side is the chinese mala, beef ribeye, and pork dumplings!

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