Your Ultimate Fall 2017 Workout Playlist

Picture this: You start the day off with an 8 a.m. Throwing on your sunglasses, you drag yourself out of bed and make your way to the ILC, grabbing coffee at Peet’s before class begins. You sit through your first class, dreading the fact that you have two more following this one. When your last discussion is finished, you make your way to the campus center for a club meeting where you can barely keep your eyes open. Once the meeting is over, you’re thrilled that you can finally go home! ... But you realize that you should probably go to the gym. Plagued by exhaustion from your jam-packed day, you’re not sure if you can make it.

Fear not! You can and you will! With a combination of throwbacks and current music, this playlist will be everything you need to get your body from your dorm to the gym with beats so infectious you won’t be able to help but jog it out at the rec center!

1. “Pon De Replay” -Rihanna


2. “Lose Yourself” -Eminem

3. “Push It - Remix” -Lotus


4. “Work B*****” -Britney Spears


5. “Good Vibrations” -Marky Mark feat. the Funky Bunch


6. “Survivor” -Destiny’s Child


7. “Thriller” -Michael Jackson


8. “Bulletproof” -La Roux


9. “Yeah” -Usher


10. “Remember the Name” -Fort Minor


11. “Unstoppable” -Sia


12. “Pour Some Sugar on Me” -Def Leppard


13. “Pump up the Jam” -Technotronic


14. “Calabria 2007” -Enur feat. Natasja


15. “Hey Mama” -Black Eyed Peas


16. “Hollaback Girl” -Gwen Stefani


17. “You Don’t Own Me” -GRACE


18. “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) -Big & Rich


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