Your Survival Guide to SBLIII in New England

Your Survival Guide to SBLIII in New England

The matchup is set for SBLIII, and if you’re a New Englander or just someone that wants to have a good time this Sunday, here are 5 things you can do this upcoming game day!


  1. Make your own Nachos bar:

Get your friends together with the help of SNACKS!! A good nacho bar isn’t very hard to master. If necessary, collect money from your friends so you can go crazy with the toppings. Instead of having just cheese, include fun toppings such as jalapeños, chilli, or fresh avocados. Whether you are on a gluten-free diet or vegan, you can cater this snack to any lifestyle. So long as you have a heat source (such as a microwave or an oven) and a refrigerator, you’ll be good to go!



2.  Make it A Pajama Party Style Viewing:

    If it is as cold as it is here in Amherst, gear up with your prospective champions' pajamas. A quick trip to Target, TJ Maxx, or Walmart can easily do the job with this one, as most of these stores usually have aisles of sports gear directed towards your local professional sports teams. The prices for these items are also pretty affordable, so you can easily make it work on your student budget!




3. Create Pre-Games of Your Own:

    We’re not trying to gamble away anyone's college funds, but you can always set up fun games with your friends. Collect final scores from friends and whoever comes up closest to the final score of the Super Bowl game, gets to bring home the leftovers from their favorite snack or dessert! Things might get intense so you never know who will come out on top. No lead is safe in a Super Bowl and just like the game, only one of your guests will come out on top. You could also play a few rounds of paper “football”. That’s when you fold a piece of paper into a triangle and try to flick it into a handmade endzone! These are easy things to pass the time while you wait for the game to start.


4. Decorate Your Dorm--or Apartment:

    What better way to get into the Super Bowl spirit other than decorating your space with some fun and affordable decorations? You can pool together with your roommates or take this task upon yourself. Use streamers, wall decorations and maybe even handmade art if you have the time!




5. Be a Safe and Responsible Host:

While you anticipate a long night of fun with your friends, make sure everyone is being safe and responsible, especially if alcohol will be involved. Before the festivities get started, make sure people have a safe way to get home, or let them crash at your place if you have the available space. There’s no better way to cap off a night of fun with making sure the people you care for, are safe and sound.


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