Your 101 Guide to Reinventing Yourself in 2021

The year 2020 was a hard one for just about everyone. We all went through obstacles and many turmoils. With that being said, 2021 is the year we reinvent ourselves to who we strive to be. We tend to label ourselves with things that may or may not work for us anymore. Not everything can always be constant in life, it is always changing and for the better. Instead of attempting to find solace in things you already know, it would feel so much better to discover new people, find new things to do, be proactive, and start a new chapter of your life that is really for you. I know it sounds like a lot, but I am so positive that this is our year for a fresh start.

woman meditating on the beach Photo by Simon Rae from Unspash

What isn’t working for you?

It’s hard to start anew. New beginnings are tough and history is so difficult to let go of. The question is how do we exactly start? The best way is to wipe it off in one go. However, there are multiple aspects of life in which you could have a fresh start: relationships, belongings, hobbies, social media, etc. It’s whatever you feel unhappy about, you can start fresh

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are always helpful; they help carry your confidence and self-admiration. No matter what, affirmations are great. I have some on my lock screen and my home screen of my phone to serve as reminders. 

sign with positive messageand eyeglass Binti Malu / Pexels


Remove yourself from the existing equation. If the people that you are around and don’t want to be around, move on. The most important thing is to be around a positive atmosphere because that reflects onto you. Fading or cutting out toxic people can be an ideal way to work on yourself, your hobbies, and who you want to be. You want to be able to have your own space and do what you want. 

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A New Wardrobe

Whatever you want to leave in 2020, give it away and categorize what you really want to keep. This doesn't always mean new clothes; be it books, furniture, clothes, etc. Redecorating your space is always a good decluttering method for your mind and helps to bring new energy to your room. Your space is the one thing that helps to embody your spirit—so make it a brighter and lighter you. I know that I started my wardrobe anew. It is still a work in progress, but it feels great!

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Setting Challenges and Goals

Find challenges and goals that you can realistically accomplish and are in your control. These should be positive plans that can make you feel good about yourself, your time, and your priorities which really gives you a fresh feel. My plans for this year are to read new books every month, sit down with myself, and learn some calligraphy. 

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New Self-Care and Resolutions

Find some trendy recipes to cook, those are always fun! I recently made Gigi Hadid’s iconic pasta recipe; it was absolutely divine and I enjoyed making it. Set aside some time for a relaxing bath—I know I just started to have nice baths with bubbles and everything. Baths are such a relaxing experience for me, I highly recommend them! Take 10 minute walks outside if those work for you. Make some plans with people you feel good with and make sure to set aside time for yourself every day; this is essential!  

Self-care Photo by Maddi Bazzocco from Unsplash

Discover yourself; find what goals and lifestyle you want to carve for yourself this year. Happy 2021!