You Think Life's Hard? Try Having Online School 10,000 Miles Away and 5 Hours Ahead

I hate it here.

And I’m not just exaggerating; I’m telling you the plain truth.

I value education a lot, but this is hard, way harder than I thought it would be. You don’t believe me yet? Picture this.

I’m home alone with my two Nigerian parents (which is already very stressful) and both my siblings are at school. I’m expected to clean the house every two days (which involves sweeping and mopping the floors; if I could use my tongue my parents would want me to use it) and doing all the dishes (that could amount to the size of dishes in a restaurant). As the respectful child I am, I try my best to keep up with these chores even though every inch of my body is aching and wants to run away, maybe to an island with unlimited Wi-Fi and Jaden Smith, but that would never happen. I’ve got a truckload of homework that I have to do, and sometimes as I solve my math problems my tears drop to the floor I am mopping. (I’m a bit extra with the descriptions but you get the gist.) I would normally stay up watching a cringey teen romance movie, but instead I am attending a class that makes me want to cry. Did I mention the class is at 1 a.m.? I didn’t? WELL THE CLASS IS AT 1 AM, and it’s very hard to cope.

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"Fayo why don’t you just suck It up, you’re not the only one going through this," you might want to tell me. But you need to understand that I am a very special individual and I need to be treated like a queen and nothing else, BUT NOW everything is going wrong because my eye bags look like they're about to swallow my eyes and my skin currently hates me! I sound very self-absorbed and needy, but I promise you I’m not. I just need a spa day on an island with Jaden Smith, but as I said before, that would never happen.

I don’t even have time to watch Umbrella Academy or listen to Frank Ocean so I can cry to sleep. Online college has taken over my life and she did not come to play. If I could have a conversation with her it would be in a boxing ring, and we would talk with our fists. I would probably lose because I can’t fight to save my life, but I would try my best.

Have you ever had a bedtime of 7 a.m. and a wake up time of 11 a.m.? You haven’t? Well, I would trade our lives any day, any time. Online school is hard, but having really late classes and living with Nigerian parents is unmatched.

If you’re up for this and you would like to live my life, kindly send a mail to [email protected] so we can submit our wishes and they can come to life.

Photo by Tiffany Tertipes on Unsplash


NB: Please don’t take any of this seriously as I am known to exaggerate everything.

Mum and dad if you are reading this, I love you very much and the stress I get from living in our home makes me love you even more :)