You, Me, & iMessage: How Text Messaging Has Taken Over

Our generation has fallen in love – with texting. And as beautiful a sight it is to see a guy, girl, and cell phone hand in hand, this means of communication has taken over almost every aspect of our social lives. Today, it’s not just you and me... it’s you, me, and iMessage.

As accustomed as we’ve come to using technology for communication, and though in many ways it’s done some good, it’s okay to make it less of a priority.

A friend of mine was recently upset about the lack of texts she was receiving from a guy. After we ranted on about his lack of you know what, we came to a pretty mature conclusion – that a relationship or friendship isn’t meant to be built off the speed of each party’s thumbs. We weren’t meant to find friends or fall in love via text message.

It’s definitely easier said than done. Us Collegiettes have spent our lives on social media since our tweenage years. And I’m not asking that you Dikembe Mutombo your cell phone and get all Henry David Thoreau on us, but just to realize that maybe it’s good to not always text. Maybe it’s good to get used to using less technological communication and more face-to-face interaction. Maybe a step away from that 2-inch brightened screen will bring you a step closer to a stronger, healthier relationship.

And the most stress text messages tend to bring us are the ones from guys (or not from guys, am I right?). Well, to them, believe it or not, texting is not really a huge deal. Two very eligible-bachelor friends of mine both agreed they didn’t pay much attention to texting. “Texting is just a means of communication, it’s what you talk about that is what really matters,” one friend said. Though not all guys are as much of a model specimen as this 6’4” man candy, texting really doesn’t mean everything.

And you’ve read one text over and over and over before, right, finally concluding that he’s dating that Miranda Kerr-looking chick from last Friday’s party (even though the lighting was terrible and you really have no idea if she looked like Miranda Kerr) and that he’s definitely with her right now and that’s why he isn’t texting you. But I’m telling you, he’s not with that terribly-lit Miranda Kerr-faced girl and he’s not avoiding you. Don’t drown in the hype of texting and how important it’s been made out to be. Let’s text a little less.

Less texting can leave room for more things to gossip about in person as well, during the time that really matters. Remember when you first heard “Don’t sweat the small stuff"? Well today’s cell phones are pretty darn small, and as big a part of our lives as they are, they and the communication they come with aren’t everything.

So step away from the phone, give your thumbs a rest, and don’t sweat the texts. And the other small stuff, too-don't sweat that either.